A Proverbs Wife

What Does Your Soul Need Next? You Choose!

Hey Loves! I’m working on another ebook for ya’ and as always I want your input.

This year I want to see you healed and strengthened beyond your wildest dreams. I want to see you tap into your fullest potential and become and unwavering force for the Kingdom.

I want you mount up on wings like eagles and soar above your circumstances. Too often as of late I’m coming across broken women who live in broken homes. Broken because their marriages don’t mirror the kingdom. Broken because their husbands aren’t (yet) believers and their home life resembles hell rather than heaven.

Some of you are broken from your past and some broken from present defeats.

Regardless of the cause there is a solution. The series of topics below sprung up in my spirit and I’ll write them all if you want them, but I want to know which one speaks to your current situation the most?

Of the three topics in the image, which ebook sounds best?

Leave your comment below.

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