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5 Things Every Work At Home Mom Should Do

5 Things Every Work At Home Mom Should Do


1- Get Dressed Everyday

Challenge: Pick out a nice outfit that aren’t pajamas or lounge clothes. In fact, dress as you would if you were going to a traditional brick and mortar job.

It’s easy to tell yourself because you’re a work at home mom that there’s no sense in getting dressed. You may even think getting dressed is a waste of time and an outfit you could wear when you’re going somewhere, but that’s not the point. Sure you could wear the outfit somewhere, but your job is “somewhere”. What you do from home has significant value. It contributes to your household income and it something you spend a great deal of time doing.

If you worked at a job outside of the home you’d get dressed, so why not do it for your business or at home job? You might think skipping the nice clothes is stretching the life of your clothes but it could be short circuiting your joy and creativity.

The reason I encourage you to get dressed is because it can improve your productivity and mood. When you look great, you feel great. When you feel great, you perform great. When you perform great, “they” pay great” ( — they meaning your customers, clients, employer). When the pays great, it’s all great. I say that jokingly, but the effect your wardrobe has on your attitude is not a joke.


2- Make Time to Plan

Challenge: Choose 30 minutes or more each morning to plan your day.

This is especially important for work at home women. We have to balance our time between work, personal care, our families and the home. I personally do combination of activities each day that cover all of those categories. Without a plan, I’d probably be frazzled and overwhelmed.

A plan will help you delegate your time and tasks. A plan allows your household members to see what has been done, what needs to be done and what their roles are. Your plan can be multifaceted to just include you day, the families meals, your work responsibilities, etc. Once you implement this habit and you see the benefits, you’ll tweak the planning to suit your needs.


3- Have a Morning Mastermind

Challenge: Have a daily meeting with the ones who inspire and motivate you.

My morning mastermind is with God first and then my husband. Those two, in that order are my inspiration and source of support. Each morning you need to make sure to plug in with your source(s) of support before the day fully starts. I believe when you start well you end well. That doesn’t mean everyday will be perfect. It does mean that you will be more discerning in so many areas of your life throughout the day.

During your morning mastermind, use that time to get grounded and to remind yourself of who you are, who’s you are and why you’re doing what you do.

4- Reach Out

Challenge: Make time to phone a friend, family member or colleague.

This is so important for women who work from home. While working from home is an amazing luxury, it can lead to a sense of isolation especially if you don’t get out the house much. You should purposely plan time into your day throughout the week to talk to someone not connected to the work you do. So clients and customers and employees don’t count.

You want to specifically choose people who have nothing to do with your job and just talk to them about what’s going on with you. Call and check in on them and enjoy the mental break from work.


5- Create an Office Space

Challenge: Find a space in your home no matter how small to designate as a workspace.

The only rule I have about this challenge is that the space you create not be in your bedroom. I’ve been there, done that. I have an entire room for my office, but my space has been in my bedroom, living room, dining room, den and even my laundry room over the years. Having a dedicated room is by far my favorite location.

A dedicated space allows me to have that “at work” feeling even when my family is home. The fact that there is a door, storage, a desk and decor that inspires me, makes it all the more real. The benefit of an office space allows you to have somewhere for your work stuff to land and a central place for your business to take place. If there is a door, it’s easier to signal the family that you’re working and easier to shut off “work” when you’re not.

One of the worst things you can do as a work at home mom, is not set up boundaries. When you make a decision to work from home it doesn’t mean you’re on the clock 24/7. As your own boss, you must be diligent to set boundaries that will ensure you are healthy, whole and successful at what you do.

5 Things Every Work At Home Mom Should Do


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