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Great Things Happen When You Expect Miracles

Great Things Happen When You Expect Miracles

Hey Friends we are still so fresh into this year so I’m still feeling that new year excitement. My excitement is for what I know God is doing in my life. When the Bible says, All things work together for good to them who are called according to His purpose”, I take that to heart. I take that seriously because since giving my life to Christ I made a commitment to take the entire Bible seriously. My goal when studying it is to use it as a mirror for my life. It’s to read it, hear it and ask the Holy Spirit to help me apply what I’ve read.

One thing I’ve read a lot about in the Bible is God’s miracles. Hearing how He miraculously brought about victory for the people of Israel and showed Himself in so many amazing ways just excites me. So much to the point that I literally pray for God to show up like that in my life. I pray that God would add to my faith in the unseen, those things that are seen.

For example, years ago my husband and I were introduced to missions and at the time a seed was planted, but we had no idea how it could ever be a reality. We had no idea about raising funds, who to ask nor did we have the money to pay on our own. Then fast forward the last six years, we’ve been to Honduras and Kenya on missions primarily funded with our own income. For you that may not be a miracle, but for us that was definitely God working it out for our good. There’s no way we could have come up with over $15,000 on our own to use to go be a blessing to someone else had it not been God. I know it and God knows it. I give Him the glory for that and the many other miracles He’s demonstrated just in the last 12-months.

So back to my point about miracles. Ever since I saw God show up miraculously and allowed us to earn an extra $10,000 in a 4-month period to go to Kenya my faith has been expanded. Seeing the events during the 4 months leading up the trip unfold, stretched me to expand my faith. The spiritual experience of seeing and feeling God’s had at every junction was exhilarating and I asked God from that time to make me more sensitive to Him.

Since then I have made an effort to stop limiting God and begin trusting Him for things way out fo my control. When I was first saved I had more of a childlike faith and believed God would move mountains on my behalf, but somewhere along the journey I think I started boxing God in and trying to fit Him into the reality of my circumstances. Not that my circumstances are bad — I truly have an amazing life I don’t deserve. What I mean is, I’d get an ideas or vision for something grande and think, “How in the world will this be possible?”. Since the experience with Kenya, I’ve changed my response to, “With God all things are possible!”. I’ve adopted more of a, ‘let’s do this!” mindset rather than a ‘how will I do this’ mindset.

So this year I am expecting the miracles and accepting them as a normal part of my life. I anticipating God doing, “Exceedingly and abundantly above all I can ask or think.” This has been an intentional process of being sensitive to God speaking into my life rather than going through the routine of praying, reading the Bible, going to church and being a “good Christian”. I’m going to still do those things, but there is more to this journey that God wants from me. There are things He wants me to do and ways He wants to bless me that I can’t even imagine. Now when He shows me the miracles I’m going to be more intentional about holding onto them even when they seem impossible.Great Things Happen When You Expect Miracles

In what ways has God shown up miraculously in your life lately? Share your story in the comments.


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  1. Loved this! I love to look for the God Moments all around. I remember a story that a friend of mine told me that her baby had a hole in its spine and went back to the doctor and it was gone. What a great God we serve!


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