Frumpy2Fab Challenge #OOTD & #FOTD | February 24th, 2015

Frumpy2FabRemember the Frumpy to Fab challenge I hosted back in 2010? Well, I’m starting it again. A few of you requested I bring it back as a new video and I have.

Starting today, I will make a video of my look of the day. The goal is to look my best more days out of the week than not by being intentional about my beauty and fashion routine.

A few days out of the week I’ll be filming a LIVE video showing what I’m wearing on that day. Make sure you are subscribed to my YouTube channel so you’ll get a notification when the videos are published as I won’t post them all here on the blog. It’ll just be too time consuming.

#Frumpy2Fab – Just Get Dressed!

Frumpy2Fab -2

I haven’t written much about fashion and beauty lately, but it’s really been on my mind a lot.

In many of my earlier Frumpy2Fab posts and challenges, I talked about looking great for your husband and children. I discussed how it benefits them, but only vaguely touched on how it benefits us as women.

God doesn’t ignore, cast by the wayside or neglect to address the issue of beauty and fashion in the Bible. Therefore, I don’t think we should either.

Frumpy2Fab - 4

Above all else I want to be clothed with majesty, strength, righteousness and the blood of Jesus (Psalm 93:1,132:9, Proverbs 31:21), because a woman of noble character is more important than any outfit I could ever put on.

That being said, I think what we physically put on or not put on is important too. I’m a stay-at-home, work-from home wife and mom. I don’t really have to get dressed, but I do.

I feel 100% better about myself. Those few minutes I spend either applying my makeup, fixing my hair, putting on accesories and getting dressed makes a marked difference in attitude and outlook.

There’s a huge difference between walking passed a mirror and seeing your hair standing on top of your head and dried drool on your face versus when you see yourself dressed and groomed.

Secondly, people judge others by their outward appearance. I get compliments on how I look on a regular basis. I don’t say that to be vain, because I could care less about people’s applause. My point is that women who take time to groom themselves and look presentable standout in a world where stereotypically, moms and wives “let themselves go” after marriage and having kids. I know first hand, having gone there myself for a little while. I later realized how I dressed was connected to how I felt and I was in the dumps because I was looking like a dump.

I’m very shy, introverted and socially awkward se please believe I don’t dress for attention. I do, however, dress my best because it does something good for my attitude.

If you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see, change it. Dust off that old makeup. Go through your closet and keep only the clothes that make you feel your best and start utilizing them.

Frumpy2Fab and Modesty

Don’t save your best stuff for a special occasion, everyday you wake up and have breath to breath is a special occasion. If it’s the middle of the week and you feel down, that’s the day to go all out. Throw on your summer dress, makeup and pin your hair up as if your going on a date.

It’s amazing how a little thing like this can cultivate a positive attitude.


What I Wore This Week #Frumpy2Fab Challenge!!

Frumpy2Fab - Frumpy2Fab - 2013-04-14 006

So I’m still working on the process of taking clear photos with my iphone but I’m not going to let that stop me from sharing my Frumpy 2 Fab series with you.

I came across some photos from the Spring and a video. I shared these photos on instagram so if you follow me there you’ve seen these. If not, check out what I wore below.

Saturday – Church

Frumpy2Fab - Frumpy2Fab - 2013-04-13 006


Frumpy2Fab - Frumpy2Fab - 2013-04-13 009

Monday – Gym/Errands

Office Tour - AProverbsWife.com2013-04-15 002

I wore this gray the Loft warmup suit, Under Armor shirt, Hurley purse and Asics tennis shoes to the gym.

Sunday – Dinner w/ Friends



Frumpy2Fab - Frumpy2Fab - 2013-04-14 003  Frumpy2Fab - Frumpy2Fab - 2013-04-14 002


I’m really enjoying the Frumpy 2 Fab video series and I hope you are too.

If you want to be notified when I add new videos, be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel.

I upload all of the videos there and then a few days or so later I create a post here on the blog to share with you all.

Take a look at what I wore recently.


Wrap Dress

Frumpy2Fab | Spring Fashion for Moms


It’s that time again!! Here’s a round up of my latest Frumpy 2 Fab looks.

I post these pictures not because I’m vain but because I need to keep myself accountable for looking my best for myself, Germaine and the kids.


Earlier this week the weather was cool and I was able to pull out a sweater. Can you believe that? A sweater in South Carolina during Spring is unheard of.

I wore a brown New York and Company sweater and pants along with Calvin Klein gladiator sandals a black top and purse.

Summer Dresses for Women Over 30

 As you can tell, the weather had warmed up and I was able to finally wear this olive green Banana Republic dress.

I like it because it can be worn as a long sleeve or short sleeve. It has a cinched waist so I put on a studded belt. The sandals again are the Calvin Klein gladiators.


In this photo I have on one of my favorite end of the winter purchases.

The pink top was $5 at Ann Taylor Loft, the Arizona brand skinny jeans were $10 at JCPenney and the moccasins $7 at TJMaxx.

Now this fab dress is one of my new favorites.

wrap dress

As you can see I can wear it with either purse but when I asked you all on Facebook, you said the green purse looked the best.

Mother's Day

I don’t want to forget about the face and hair. I have been faithfully doing my hair in a twist out or Bantu knot out. I have also been faithful in the makeup department.

Even if it’s just some gloss on my lips, I make sure to pay some attention to the details of my face.

In the photo above I’m wearing gloss and no eye makeup. However in the one below I’m wearing eye makeup but no gloss. For me this challenge is not about all or nothing.


 It’s about the little steps I take to looking my best each day.


Finally before I move on to show you my beautiful babies I ended my week with a classic black and white look.

I ended up wearing a cardigan over my top since it was chilly. Since I work out four days a week, I truly have to force myself not to sit around all day in my workout clothes no matter how cute I think they are. 😀


Now onto the best part of this post. We had several events to attend this week so the kids were looking their best as well.


For the most part I let them dress themselves and Niyah and Juwan do a great job. Juwan is into wearing his socks pulled all the way up because that’s how his daddy wears them.

They are certainly not afraid to be different. 🙂


 I can’t get enough of taking pictures of this little girl. She loves the camera and has the cutest poses. She makes me laugh all of the time with her vibrant personality.



She does a great job of picking out her clothes and is so helpful.



I think her nephew gets a kick out of her personality too!!

Frumpy2Fab Challenge

Frumpy2Fab Challenge: Convicted to Be Better | plus Before & After Pictures

Frumpy2Fab Challenge

Today’s post is from APW writer Megan. After watching the latest Frumpy2Fab video I posted on my YouTube channel she emailed me about an idea she had for a post.

The thing about her idea was that I was feeling the same way she was that morning which you’ll read about in a second, and I thought about sharing my feeling with you but I knew I wouldn’t have time to take pictures and write a post after the video.

So when Megan emailed me with her idea, I knew it was God bringing me what I needed and using me to encourage, inspire and ignite Megan’s passion for being her best. I hope Megan’s post and my video does the same for you.

Don’t forget to check out the challenge at the end of this post.

Saidah – CEO AProverbsWife

This morning was nothing out of the ordinary.

I jumped out of bed, made coffee and breakfast for my family, and got my son and husband out the door on time. Perfect.

Then I made my own breakfast and sat down to read my devotions and look over a few blogs that I follow when I came across Saidah’s Frumpy2Fab January 2013 video. I figured I would watch the video while I finished my coffee before starting on school work for the day. As I am watching, I look down at my robe and pajama pants and start to feel a bit convicted. I have said so many times that I should try the Frumpy2Fab Challenge, but I never have.

“I just stay home with my four year old son all day!”

“I have lots of housework and school work to do!”

“I don’t have time to put on makeup and do my hair.”

“I just want to be comfortable.”

Those are the thoughts that normally flow through my head when I see the Frumpy2Fab posts.

“Yes, she looks great, but I don’t have nice clothes or shoes.”

“I really don’t own any jewelry.”

But not today! Today, I decided it was time for someone else to post a picture and stand beside Saidah and say “You can do this!”

So I had my son take my picture in my robe and pajama pants… I wasn’t thrilled with sharing this picture, but I thought “Hey! It’s real! This is what I look like most of the time!” So this is me…


Then I picked out some clothes, got dressed, and had him take another picture.


Nice, right? I think I look a lot better, and I am sure my husband will too!


Ok… so I thought to myself… I feel better. Now I can send these pics to Saidah and move on with my day… I sat down to crop the photos and decided to cut my head off. I mean the point is really about the clothes right? I got dressed! Yay! BUT… then God convicted me again… if I am not willing to show my face here… if I would be unhappy with my face when showing all of you, people I don’t know… why am I showing that face to my husband? Now don’t get me wrong… he thinks I am beautiful without makeup, but that’s not the point. It’s not my best. I am not taking pride in looking my best for him. So… as I take a deep breath and humble myself… here is my before picture this morning.


This is how I look most mornings.

Alright, now that that’s done… I can put my face on! Now I don’t have much makeup, and most of what I do have is either a sample or freebie I picked up somewhere, but we have to work with what we have. I also am trying to grow my hair out so it’s in one of those funky “I don’t know what to do with you!” phases, but again, this is about OUR best. Not someone else’s. Not about wishing we had more or something better.


Here’s my after photo.


Ahh… now I actually feel good and ready to start my day. No cutting corners here! I feel so good I think I might just take a pic and text it to my hubby to say I love him.








It’s amazing what a little time and effort can do to make you feel your best and show your honey you love him.


You can do this! Give it a try! Just one day at a time, and give it YOUR best. Feel like encouraging other women to try this challenge? Why not post your before and after pics on the A Proverbs Wife FB page? I’d love to see you there!


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3 Must-Have Fall Shoes – Frumpy2Fab #5 | Outfit of the Day #OOTD (VLOG)

Hi ya’ll!! Here’s another installment of the Frumpy 2 Fab video series.

Today I’m talking about Fall shoes especially three basic styles I believe can get you through the Fall without making you look frumpy.

These three styles can be dressed up or down and can transform the look of any outfit you pair them with.

After you watch the video be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel.

I upload all of the videos there and then a few days or so later I create a post here on the blog to share with you all.

Take a look at what I wore recently and the 3 must have Fall shoes.