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I’m Saidah (that’s pronounced SI-E-DA), and this is my blog.

I’m a Bible believing Christ follower who was fortunate enough to marry the man of my dreams.


Not only am I a wife to a wonderful husband, I am also the mother our two sons (16 and 13) and two daughters (23 and 14).


I’m a New York City transplant now living in South Carolina enjoying a life better than I could have imagined.

I get to wake up with my best friend every day and share a wonderful married life with him. I have the best life ever.

I’m a full-time Christian, Wife, Mother and Blogger. The best part is that I get to talk about how much I love it here on my blog.

A Proverbs Wife is dedicated to encouraging, inspiring and igniting people’s passion for Biblical living.

When people visit my site I want them to feel like they can become better managers of their lives.

I help them achieve this by sharing articles to help them:

  • And everything else related to managing a home.

My first love is for the Lord and you will see it clearly weaved into my interactions on A Proverbs Wife, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr.

I believe the key to a happy marriage is a God centered marriage. I also believe that wives have a great deal of influence over their husbands and children’s well being which is why I encourage wives to look and be the best they can be with series such as Frumpy2Fab.

Face of the Day - Purple Reign

I enjoy cooking and gardening and have taken up a healthy eating habit. I share one new recipe every month and during the warmer months photos of my garden.

Kraft Cheesy Spinach Artichoke

 I also really enjoy fashion and looking my best for myself and family. I frequently share style tips on my other site Aprons And Stilletos, as a way to encourage my readers to try one new fashion baby step a month.


 I enjoy sharing bit’s and pieces of my day with you all and the goal of my site will continue to be an encouraging resource for families.

Saidah Washington

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