Blogger Craft Club

Update: The title of this post has been amended to include any craft that you are working on this year. So instead of the previous title “Blogger Crochet Club” it is now officially the “Blogger Craft Club”. (see below for details)

I was so inspired by Becky‘s handcrafted crochet poncho, and all of the people who created gifts prior to December, that I’ve decided to start 2008 off making crochet Christmas items for next year. I always wait until the last minute but not this year; and to prove it…I will post each pattern on my blog along with the pictures displaying my progress.

I think that this is such a wonderful idea that I would like to get you involved in the fun.That right…if you can crochet and are interested in working on a crochet project with me, I will post the pattern 3 weeks in advance with a mister linky for you to join me. With “Mr. Linky” you’ll be able to link to your post and to pictures of your progress…sorta like a “Blogger Crocheting Club”. You can join us at anytime, work at your own pace and even work on your own choice of project and post pictures as well.

It will be so great to work together creating some fun items for ourselves and some gifts for others. I am not a crochet expert…this is the most elaborate project that I’ve ever worked on. But…I am going to try some things that I’ve never made before. Some projects will be a tote bag, a handbag, a hostess apron and a poncho.

The first pattern will be posted in February and we will begin crocheting in March.

This will be a great way to interact with new bloggers and increase your blog traffic.

Will you join me? (Please leave a comment)

Cracking the Code

Do you know what those numbered stickers on fresh fruit and vegetables mean?

Well according to the December issue of Publix Greenwise Market magazine; each sticker is labeled with a four- or five-digit code called a Price Look-Up number. These codes are used to speed up the scanning process for grocery store cashiers, but can also reveal to you how your produce was grown.

The 5-digit codes beginning with a 9: organic
The 5-digit codes beginning with an 8: genetically modified
The 4-digit codes beginning with a 3 or 4: conventionally grown

I will definitely be looking for the number 9’s as a first choice. I’ll also be doing some price comparison on my next shopping trip to see how the price differences match up. If the difference in price between the organic and the conventially grown produce is more than 20% I will probably get the conventionally grown pesticide saturated produce.

Go Ahead And Laugh…

I copied this blog from another site. The author clearly stated what things their family has decided to make priorities and then stated the benefit that it has produce for them. I am posting this not because I do these things but because I admire the writers dedication to what they believe. Let’s read:

*Go ahead and laugh that we cling to our religious faith and proudly display religious items throughout our home.

*Go ahead and laugh when you say that we don’t seem to live in the ‘real’ world because things aren’t done that way anymore.

*Go ahead and laugh as you say, yes it’s good to be religious but my family seems fanatical and a little weird.

*Go ahead and laugh as you say just how uncomfortable you are around us because you fear that you might slip up and cuss.

*Go ahead and laugh at how strange it is that my wife and I would rather spend time together, instead of with others.

*Go ahead and laugh as you declare just how ‘lucky’ we must have been to make it through the tough times and to avoid divorce.

*Go ahead and laugh as you say how easy it is to loath my children because they always seem to do just the ‘right thing’.

*Go ahead and laugh that my children appear to be happy and they have happy friends-no gloom and doom or dark clouds overhead.

*Go ahead and laugh when our children dress up not as demons but rather as Biblical characters for halloween.

*Go ahead and laugh at the fact that we have a sacred area of our home that we call our prayer closet.

*Go ahead and laugh as you come up with excuses for not having family devotions and prayers together every night.

*Go ahead and laugh and say just how silly we look while dining out, because we pause to say grace aloud and together.

*Go ahead and laugh because we strive to have a sit-down, around the table, family meal at least four nights a week.

*Go ahead and laugh because we believe that ‘our way’ provides the very comfort and security that children need and want.

*Go ahead and laugh because we claim to have discovered the true secret to happiness,and it’s called being a Christian.

*Go ahead and laugh because being a Christian isn’t about what we do or don’t do but rather about what Jesus has done for us.

*Go ahead and laugh we will still pray that you will want to join in with us someday soon.

*Go ahead and laugh for we will worship the Lord our God,in Him we have all and are in need of nothing.

*Go ahead and laugh and say that you think that ‘all this’ is okay for my family, but it wouldn’t work for your family.

*Go ahead and laugh it’s okay because we believe that someday soon you will wish for your family to be as ours.

*Go ahead and laugh my friend, for laughter is all you may have.

1.Have you ever experienced sarcasm or indifference from people for having Bible based values?

2.What lifestyle changes have you adopted that have been beneficial?
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Jewelry Hanger

My daughter really likes accessories and she has a lot of them. She has been storing them in cookie tins and small baskets. This has not been a very good solution because everything get tangled. I told her to figure out a better way to store her jewelry. Using a plastic hanger, pushpins, yarn and some pencil erasers; this is what she came up with.

At the neck of the hanger she stores her bracelets. She also added two clear pushpins to store the bracelet with the colorful beads on the left and her charm bracelet on the right.

Directly beneath the colorful bracelet and charm bracelet she tied a piece of yarn across. On the string of yarn she attached her necklaces. Beneath the yarn she attached a old chain from one end of the hanger to the other with a pushpin on each side. Through the loops, on the right side of the chain, she hooked her earrings. On the left she hung more bracelets and a watch.

Below are two a pictures of the entire hanger.

I thought this was so creatively frugal. I could have just bought her a jewelery box but since she shares a room with her sister and a dresser they only have use of half the dresser for storage. This hanger works great because once she’s done with her accessories she can place the hanger in her closet. When she pulls out an outfit her accessories are right there as well.

If you have another minute check out this frugal jewelry storage idea. You will love it.
Visit for more works for me Wednesday ideas.

Kid’s Closets

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

This is the work of my 4 year old. He tackled his bedroom closet that he shares with his 7 year old brother.

This is the work of my 5 year old. She shares a bedroom with her 14 year old sister.

Train them up in the way that they should go and when they grow old they shall not depart from it.

New Year’s Celebration

This recipe for Bethany’s Christmas Candy is so yummy. It’s quick…ten minutes…and easy to make. This is just one of the delightful treats that we will be eating tonight. I will also make some split pea soup and later on hubby will be bringing home milk chocolate bars, marsh mellows and graham crackers for some delicious S’mores. We will light the fireplace tonight and bring in the new year together. By 2008 we will be intoxicated with sugar and lot’s of love.

How do you bring in the new year?

Home Making Binder

I just added my 2008 calendar to my Homemaking Binder. You can click the following link you can print off a basic 2008 calandar and at this link you can find some pretty themed calendars.

An annual calendar is great addition for your home making binder or homeschooling notebook. I also print one to stick in the front of my children’s notebook so that he or she can keep up with the date.

Speaking of home making binders if you haven’t already made one…put creating a homemaking binder at the top of your 2008 ‘To Do’ list. If you make one that caters to your family it will end up saving you time and energy. The key to a successful binder is using it. Check out some that others have made.

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