Just Venting

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve had time to blogged. Between being a wife, a mother, a homeschool and Sunday school teacher I have not had the time. My best sister friend gave me a stack of Beth Moore bible study books and I have jumped right in feet first. Let me tell you […]

Willing To Follow God

I have recently been faced with a situation that has caused a strain on the relationship between a family member and myself. We have come to a disagreement on certain isuues, and this person has chosen not to remain in contact with me. People sometimes choose to live their lives in ways that are destructive […]

I Have A Date Tonight

Lately I have been approaching my days in a robotic manner. Getting up making breakfast and doing everything by routine the rest of the day. I have been operating this way for a couple of weeks now. This morning something was different. I sensed that I was alone, or that something or someone was missing. […]

A Typical Monday

A typical school day is as follows: 7am I am up to shower and start breakfast. Breakfast is usually a large pot of whole rolled oats or pancakes. Both are very easy to make. The rolled oats only require a large pot and the pancakes I am able to cook five at a time with […]


It’s not officially Fall, but it sure looks like it outside. Beneath the oak tree in my backyard, red and brown leaves, litter the ground. The children and I went outside to gather leaves and pinecones for our Fall themed bulletin board. It was cool and damp out from the rain we received last night. […]

To Whom Much Is Given…

Earlier this week I received a call from our church Youth Pastor. He wanted to know if my husband and I would be interested in teaching a Sunday school class for third and fourth grade boys. My initial decision was, “sure I would be glad to devote a Sunday to this task”. Seeing as though […]