DIY Christmas Wreath Snack

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I’m looking forward to having my kids out of school for the holiday and decided to make a DIY Christmas Wreath Snack.

It’s really easy to make and they’ll be excited about these mini gifts on their last day of school!!

To make it I used my DIY Christmas wreath from last year.

All I did was flip it over.

To decorate it I picked up some Wrigley’s Extra gum, peanut butter crackers, wrapping paper and bows from Walmart.

Was going to choose one of each gum flavor but all I could picture were arguments over why some got the flavor someone else wanted. So instead of mixing it up I bought three packs of Extra Polar Ice.

Wrigley's Extra Gum #shop

Other Supplies:

  • scissors

  • tape

  • hot glue gun

  • hot glue sticks

Extra Gum #shop 005

I wrapped each individual snack in wrapping paper and hot glued them onto my wreath.

Extra Gum #shop 006

Each child will get to pull of and unwrap two snacks on the last day of school.

Extra Gum #shop 008

I love giving my kids gifts and especially as we move closer to Christmas. This is a fun way to surprise them with something small, inexpensive and thoughtful.

Extra Gum #shop 007

This DIY Christmas Wreath Snack can be done with your kids or for them.

If you are looking for a kid friendly project, try these DIY Christmas tree ornaments my youngest daughter and I made last year.


How to Create Custom Photo Holiday Cards from Your iPhone

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Walgreens Photo App #shop

I want to have my Christmas cards prepped and ready to mail by the end of November and I’ll help my daughter do the same using the Walgreens Photo App.

Walgreen's Photo App  #shop 004

Myself, my in-laws, children and my husband  got together about a week ago and I had a chance to snap some new pictures of my grandson to use in creating some custom photo holiday cards.

Walgreen's Photo App  #shop

Using the Walgreens iPhone app I was able to print photos from iPhone and pick them up in less than an hour.

Walgreens Photo App #shop

It’s very easy to use and print photos from your phone Walgreens Mobile App.

Walgreen's Photo App  #shop 003

I use it because of the time it saves. Before I learned about the app I’d have to upload pictures to my computer and then to the Walgreen site.

Walgreens Photo App #shop 005

 Now, I can snap and order right from my phone.

Walgreen's Photo App  #shop 006

The app even allows me to print Instagram photos and print photos from Facebook.

We have family in NYC who don’t get to see my daughters son often so I thought it would be nice to create some Walgreens photo holiday cards for out of town family members.

It was easy to upload the images, crop, edit and order the cards. I was so happy with the cards after picking them up at Walgreens.

Walgreens Photo App #shop 004

I’ll be bringing them and some stamps to my daughter so shes can send Christmas cards to her friends and family members who are out of town.

Walgreens Photo App #shop 007

I’m sure I’ll get the “Best Mom” award for this!!


Weekend Family Fun with M&M’s & Xbox 360 Video Games

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    Forza 4 #shop 2

This weekend my goal was to plan something fun to do with the kids aside from our normal movie night so I went and picked up Forza 4 for Xbox 360.

Forza 4 #shop 5

Between movies and video games I can basically make everyone happy and excited about family time.

Forza 4 #shop 4

The Froza series of multi-player games are super fun and family friendly because their all about racing, skill and competition.

Forza 4 #shop 3

My kids get so excited when they are able to beat and older sibling or their father at a game.

To make things even more exciting I picked up a party sized bag of M&M’s  to snack on while we played. I created a Forza 4 logo and invited the kids to join their father and I for a few hours of video game time.

Forza 4 #shop

If you’re thinking about picking up a family friendly game for the holidays the Xbox One and Forza 5 would make a great investment.

We’ve gotten lots of family time back from investing in our Xbox360 several years ago.

If the Xbox One is on your list and you plan to buy Forza 5, there’s the following promotion starting November 22nd.

$10 Walmart Gift Card w/ Purchase


1) Buy Forza 5 game and participating M&M’s products

2) Snap a photo of qualifying items on the receipt on your phone and text it to 811811

3) Redeem:  You will receive a text back with a reward code valid for a $10 eGift card to Walmart.

For more ideas on creating quality time with friends and family check out my movie night post and frugal kids dinner party for ideas.

Energizer MAX Batteries only $.37 Each plus $10 Walmart Gift Card

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Energizer MAX Batteries Rebate #BunnyBirthdayWMT #shop #cbias

The Energizer Bunny is celebrating it’s 25th birthday by providing a $10 Walmart gift card when you buy 2 packs of participating Energizer Max batteries.

This deal on Energizer Batteries is a steal making your total after the $10 Walmart gift card ONLY $0.37 per pack!!

With Christmas right around the corner and my sons 10th birthday coming up this deal is going to help me prepare for all those toys that will need batteries at Christmas, plus the $10 Walmart gift card will help pay for his birthday present.

The best part of this rebate is that you can earn a maximum of four (4) Gift Cards per person/household and e-mail address.

Thanks to this deal I have plenty of batteries for the birthday and Christmas gifts plus I’ll get back $40 in gift cards to use toward his birthday present.

To participate in the Energizer Battery, Inc. $10 Walmart® Gift Card Offer (“Offer”), purchase any two (2) specially marked packages of Energizer® MAX® batteries AA-8, AAA-8, C-4, D-4 or 9V-2 between October 1, 2013 and August 14, 2014 at participating Walmart stores, while supplies last.

Energizer MAX Batteries Rebate #BunnyBirthdayWMT #shop #cbias

Each specially marked pack will contain one (1) unique code (“Code”); two (2) Codes are required to receive a $10 WALMART® gift card (“Gift Card”).

Here’s the scenario:

Buy 2 (specially marked) Energizer MAX Batteries — $6.37each
Use (2) $1.00 off Energizer Brand Batteries coupons

Energizer MAX Batteries Rebate #BunnyBirthdayWMT #shop #cbias

Pay $10.74 out of pocket for two packs of Energizer MAX batteries.

Energizer MAX Batteries Rebate #BunnyBirthdayWMT #shop #cbias

Submit your codes for your $10 Walmart Gift Card Rebate

Final price $0.74 for (2) packs of batteries or $0.37 each battery pack.

We can never have enough batteries. Between the five Xbox remotes we have at least one of the chargers goes out a year. Once it does, the kids use their allowance to by new batteries from the dollar store.

Energizer MAX Batteries Rebate #BunnyBirthdayWMT #shop #cbias

As long as we have batteries I plan to charge them $1 for four batteries and add the money they pay me to their savings.

What’s the best deal you ever gotten?


How to Save Money On Fuel with MasterCard Fuel Rewards | #FuelFamilyFun and #MC

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How to Save Money On Fuel with MasterCard Fuel Rewards

Saving money on everyday purchases is something I talk about a lot because being prudent over our finances is part of being a Proverbs 31 woman.

Finding ways to make our income go farther is one of the ways we’ve been able to pay off all our consumer debt.

We’ve found more money to attack our debt by taking advantage of reward programs like the MasterCard Fuel Rewards Network. This program has allowed us to earn discounts on fuel.

We earn fuel rewards when we dine out, shop online and buy groceries. MasterCard is just one of the sponsors on the network so we even earn rewards on purchases made at Lowes among other stores.

It’s so easy to sign up and start earning rewards and so far I’ve been able to reduce the cost of filling my gas tank by $0.03 a gallon.


We are really focused on paying off our mortgage and every penny we can save helps.

Paying off our mortgage and not carrying debt is important to us because if what it allows us to do.

Not having debt means we can sponsor more children who don’t have the same luxuries as my children.


It feels great knowing that our savings adds up and can be used to make a big impact in someone’s life.

Compassion 002

Each time we receive a letter from our sponsored child it reinforces why we go through the effort to find ways to save money.

And saving money through the FRN is easy. Let me show you.

How I Redeem My Fuel Rewards

1. When I get to pump I made a mental note of the current price and press the button to begin checkout.

MasterCard Fuel Rewards @MasterCard #FuelFamilyFun and #MC

2. This is the part where members of the FRN can start the process to receive savings on their fuel purchase.

Bedding 468MasterCard Fuel Rewards @MasterCard #FuelFamilyFun and #MC 004

3. I then entered my Bi-Lo grocery card number. If you have an FRN card, you can enter the number or swipe your card at this point.

Bedding 468MasterCard Fuel Rewards @MasterCard #FuelFamilyFun and #MC 007

If you do everything correctly, at this point you can see how much you’ll save on fuel.

Bedding 468MasterCard Fuel Rewards @MasterCard #FuelFamilyFun and #MC 008

4. I paid using my Mastercard because I earn more rewards for using it.

It was very easy to link it to my FRN account and I highly recommend it if you use your MasterCard regularly for purchases.

Bedding 468MasterCard Fuel Rewards @MasterCard #FuelFamilyFun and #MC 010

5. Next, I can see the price per gallon has been adjusted to reflect my savings.

Bedding 468MasterCard Fuel Rewards @MasterCard #FuelFamilyFun and #MC 011

Quick Recap

MasterCard Fuel Rewards @MasterCard #FuelFamilyFun and #MC 000

Post MasterCard Fuel Rewards @MasterCard #FuelFamilyFun and #MC

To learn more about how I save money on fuel take a look at my MasterCard Fuel Rewards Google+ album.

While we won’t become wealthy by earning fuel rewards we will get a few steps closer to becoming debt free. We set a goal to pay off my mortgage by my 40th birthday so we have been making big and small budget tweaks here and there.

If you haven’t already figured out a way to save on fuel I invite you to check out the Fuel Rewards Network to see if a gas station or grocery store near you participates.

For more about how you can save using your MasterCard please follow @MasterCard on Twitter and/or “like” MasterCard on Facebook.

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Mission Field Checklist: Passports and Travel Immunizations

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As you know Germaine and I am in the process of becoming missionaries and this week we’re researching travel immunizations and applying for passports.

Mission Field Checklist #GiveAShot #shop

Becoming missionaries has been a dream of ours for the last four plus years and we are finally taking the steps to make it a reality.

Mission Field Checklist #GiveAShot #shop

I’m not sure where we’ll go for our first trip but I do know that some foreign countries require certain vaccines.

I had to get immunized before being stationed in Korea so I am a little familiar with this process.

Mission Field Checklist #GiveAShot #shop

I did a little research and found out Walgreens pharmacies provide adult vaccines .

Mission Field Checklist #GiveAShot #shop

And in addition to that, they’ve partnered with the United Nations Foundation’s Shot at Life campaign and until October 14, 2013 every person who receives a flu shot or any immunization at Walgreens, they’ll help supply a life saving vaccine to a child in a developing country.

The message behind the campaign is ‘Get A Vaccine. Give A Vaccine’ and what ability to be vaccinated provides a child.

For me, the ability to be vaccinated provides children a shot at education.

Mission Field Checklist #GiveAShot #shop

So, not only does this partnership provide up to three million vaccines for life threatening diseases like measles and polio, it will also allow them to live longer lives and go to school.

Shot@Life 016 (422x468) #GiveAShot #shop

When I learned how kids in undeveloped countries could benefit I knew I needed to get involved.

Children everywhere don’t have access to the same basic medical care as my children which is one of the reasons our family already advocates for children.

Knowing Walgreens provides immunizations for the most common diseases such as Flu, Hpc, HPV, Hepatitis, Shingles and that getting vaccinated there can help a child, I’m more motivated to get vaccinated there.

I am really excited about our path to the mission field but I also have limited knowledge about what to expect.

If you are or have been a missionary, what would you tell someone like me who is just getting started?

Using a Mobile Phone and Cheap Wireless Plan to Organize the School Year

Using a Mobile Phone and Cheap Plan to Organize the School Year

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Can you believe the summer is almost over and kids everywhere will be back in school?

We have a few more minor details to complete but have finished up the major aspects including updating my DIY school year binder which will help keep track of each child’s progress and school year activities.

Another tool we’ll use this year to keep track of school activities is the mobile phone we bought thanks to the cheap wireless plan at Walmart.

Walmart Family Mobile 002

So far we’ve been practicing with using the calendar to keep track of upcoming school events as well as when my son is scheduled to work at church.

He’s in charge of lights and sound for our youth ministry. We get a digital reminder and schedule each week and I am teaching him how to save it in his phone calendar.

plan1 plan2

For my sons mobile phone line we chose Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Text and Talk plan for $29.88 and the Concord Smartphone.

Walmart Family Mobile 014

We’ve been absolutely happy with the service and the phones ease of use.

Walmart Family Mobile 004

It took just a few days for my son to get the hang of keeping track of his appointments using the phone’s calendar. He and I get together once a week to sync calendars and set up reminders.

Walmart Family Mobile 008

He likes getting alerts to remind him of upcoming activities. I’ve found that he’s already become more responsible with his schedule and I feel less burdened to remind him about scheduled activities.

I use my mobile phone to keep my life organized and so far of all the things I’ve tried to help my son keep his busy scheduled organized, this has been the first to make an instant impact.

I am so glad Walmart sent us this phone to try their cheap wireless plan out for free.

My son had been very reluctant about having a cell phone because he didn’t want to responsibility of keeping up with it.

Now that he’s used it for a month he is so happy to have a phone. He no longer has to remember minute details of his life, he feels better about being able to contact me when he’s out and he’s so excited about school starting a few days.

Walmart Family Mobile 001


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