My favorite Prayer, Scripture, Bible Study Journals and MORE!! #Dayspring

(page from my Scripture Journal) Mother's Day is Sunday I'm sure some of you will get a gift in the form of money. If you're like may try and spend it on something for the kids or the family, which is perfectly fine, but I want to encourage you to buy at least one of the things I recommend in this post. Everything I recommend will cost under $5, you'll just pay shipping. One of the things that helps grow my relationship with Christ is my devotion to the study of His word and prayer. I write my prayers and anything I hear Him speak to my heart during my Bible reading. I have a journal for prayers, one for notes and another for memory verses. The one I use for memory versus is from DaySpring. They have the most beautiful bound journals you could ever find with pages that include bible verses on them. Another thing I love and have several of are their mugs. Everyone of them has a scripture on or in them. These were especially helpful when my children were younger and it … [Continue reading...]