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Cbias Disclosure

I love finding and sharing ways to save my money so I was disappointed when my bank ended their reward program. Between my husband and I, we were racking up a lot of reward points which we’d use to get FREE gift cards.

Well I recently found and signed up for a similar reward program called the Fuel Rewards Network where we earn reward points for purchases we already plan to make.

We will earn fuel rewards when we dine out, shop online, buy groceries, and even on purchases made at our local hardware store. That’s a biggie for us since we’ve been working on so many DIY projects around here.


The savings per gallon vary from .03¢/gallon up to .10¢/gallon which is pretty good. My husband drives for a living and is a gas guru. Since he has to fill up several times a week, he makes it his business to know where to find the cheapest gas, which gas stations cheat you out of gas and is even part of an online social network of folks who track gas prices.

Signing up for the FRN was very easy. I took photos of my process as well as my in store shopping experience for those of you who are more visual.

2013-07-08 001 034

1. First you’ll need to have your current FRN card available or a participating store loyalty card. If you don’t already have either you can request one at sign up.

Step 1

2. Now visit FuelRewards.com to sign up or log in. To sign up simply click on the sign up tab, then enter your name, email, zip code and mobile number.

3. Now enter you FRN number , participating store loyalty card number or request a card.

Step 3

4. Create a password, choose a security question and click “submit”.

4. Finally you should see the “Welcome to the Fuel Rewards Network” screen where you can now log in.

When I logged in I saw the following offer and decided to link my bank card.

MasterCard® Bonus Offers

  • MasterCard Grocery Bonus

Use your MasterCard to earn an additional 3¢/gal for every $100 you spend on groceries at participating FRN™ program grocery stores


While we won’t become wealthy by earning fuel rewards we will get a few steps closer to becoming debt free. We set a goal to pay off my mortgage by my 40th birthday so we have been making big and small budget tweaks here and there.

2013-07-08 001 038

This is just one of them. Each one by them selves may not make a big impact but when combined they can achieve  extraordinary goals.

Just for linking my MasterCard I’ll earn 5¢ off per gallon and I buy roughly 10 gallons per week. If I save just 5¢ per gallon until my 40th birthday, I will have saved approximately $94.  That’s $94 extra I didn’t spend on fuel and will have used toward an extra payments on my mortgage.

If you haven’t already figured out a way to save on fuel I invite you to check out the  Fuel Rewards Network to see if a gas station or grocery store near you participates.

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Top Money Making Surveys for This Month

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  14. Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel – Scan groceries. Earn points. Redeem for rewards.
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Nationwide Online Beverage Product Study | Pays $150


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20/20 Research

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