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Best Lemon Apple Juice Ever

If you have been following me on instagram you’ve seen me share pictures of my juicing and clean eating recipes. In an effort to live healthy and take care of my body, it only makes sense to cut back on fried and sugary foods. Eating unhealthier foods in conjunction with working out haven’t been bringing me the same results. As I age and my metabolism slows the calories don’t break down as fast, so I decided to go back to how I ate when I did P90X. One of the things I do in order to increase my fruit and

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I think in the times we are living it is always important to help eachother. Post-It is trying to raise 25,000 to adopt a classroom. AdoptAClassroom.org is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports student success by empowering teachers with the funds they need to purchase classroom materials. AdoptAClassroom.org pairs donors with teachers online, and then allows teachers to choose the most critical resources to meet the unique needs of their students. Since 1998, AdoptAClassroom.org has helped over 3.5 million students in classrooms in all 50 states.   The simple act of leaving a note for our loved ones can

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Mom Dad

As he sees his princesses enter the world, he thinks to himself “All girls” …with a big sigh. My dad and mom brought three girls into the world within years apart, not one boy in sight. Little did they know that raising girls will be tougher than they thought. Dad was the best provider and protector of his little girls and wife that anyone could ever want. Sometimes he went overboard with us especially in the pre-teen years up to young adult. But do you blame him…Lol?  Our dad was and still is a “Superman” to us. Raised in Brickeys,

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Guess what opened today to new members? I checked and one of my Top 16 recommended companies is still are looking to fill the slots with new panelist. If you’d like to start earning an extra $50 – $200 a month taking surveys and testing products, register for a FREE account.

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