It’s not officially Fall, but it sure looks like it outside. Beneath the oak tree in my backyard, red and brown leaves, litter the ground. The children and I went outside to gather leaves and pinecones for our Fall themed bulletin board. It was cool and damp out from the rain we received last night. Just three weeks ago it had been unbearably hot. Temperatures were in the high 90’s and it was to hot to stay outside for more than ten minutes. That’s why today I am almost caught off guard by the change in temperature and scenery. The colors are changing from green to red, brown, yellow, and orange. My bed of Asiatic Lilies provided a beautiful kitchen arrangement this summer. But now they lie slumped over, having long since been burned alive by the scorching sun. I didn’t realize how much I missed the Fall until today. I wanted to sit outside, sipping tea and watching the children play. I should have because it’s raining outside again and it’s too wet for that now. I’m amazed at how fast time goes by. How each moment is here and then gone in an instant. How the children grow up and grow older. How we grow and grow old. I am only twenty nine and I feel as though I have lived a lifetime. I have travelled the country and overseas. I have worked with underprivelleged youth and privelleged. I am a mother, a sister, a wife and a friend. My experiences have helped me become a more patient and reserved person. The seasons around me are changing and so is my life. I’ve decided to go back to school in the spring to become a teacher. I thought that I would wait until my youngest son turned five, but just as the seasons have changed so have my plans. I am going after those things that bring me peace. I will follow my dreams before the scenery changes again. Tomorrow, if the rain let’s up long enough, I will sit outside outside, sip some tea and watch the children play.

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My Mission:

Honor God with my life as a Titus 2 women, and a Proverbs 31 wife and mother.

Encourage and equip others to love their husbands, their children and their homes.

Discover and share creative ways to stretch my budget, increase my finances, reduce my debts.

Balance this journey with marriage and motherhood.

Who Am I?

A 32 year old wife and mother. My husband and I have 4 beautiful children. Two daughters 16 and 7, and two sons age 9 and 6.

My goal as a Christian is to bring joy the the Lord in all that I do. My goal as a wife if to love my husband and children deeply. In my marriage, I am a Chief Care-Giver, Researcher, Administrative Secretary, Data Analyst, Nest Egg Manager and Co-Chief Financial Officer… amongst other titles. I love to find deals and hubby loves to save money, so we make a perfect match.

I am a sinner who is saved by Grace. I love the Lord above all else. I am a Christian, a wife, a mother, a teacher and a role model.

Why Should You Read My Webpage?

A Proverbs Wife…is my ministry. It is my accountability partner. It is evidence of the fruit in my life. However, for you it may a source of encouragement. It can be an instruction manual for homemaking, budgeting, marriage and parenting. There is something here for those who are looking.

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*You’ll to save money on groceries, household and personal hygiene items.
*You’ll learn to be frugal and organize your home.
*You will also learn ways to improve your marriage.
*And much, much more!!

Through reading my posts, you will catch glimpses of my journey toward living my life virtuously. You may learn to see yourself as the women described in Proverbs 31:10-31. You may even learn how vital it is to walk in your calling as a Titus 2 women. You will learn to save money, manage every tasks and organize your life.


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