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Assets of a Peaceful Woman | Taking Dominion Over Your Mind

Assets of a Peaceful Woman

Do you struggle with a lack of joy and daily peace? Do you find yourself angry, sad or frustrated far too frequently?

If so, ‘Assets of a Peaceful Woman‘ is for you.

Peace is imperative to your success as a woman of God.

When peace permeates your life, you no longer operate as a victim instead you live victoriously.

In Assets of a Peaceful Woman, you’ll learn which steps to take everyday to cultivate a consistent peaceful life.

It has over 22,000 copies sold and according to testimonies from the A Proverbs Wife community, thousands of women have been changed because of this ebook.

Are you ready break the bondage of worry and anxiety this year?

Are you ready to be whole, full of joy and purpose?

The strategies in Assets of a Peaceful can help you overcome days void of peace and replace them with purposeful days.

Who is this book for?

  • Women who want to wake up everyday with a sense of joy, focus, and direction.
  • Women who have tried to cultivate joy in external things, but find themselves still struggling.
  • Women who may not have learned how to manage their emotions growing up.

Why this book will help?

I struggled daily with sadness and undiagnosed depression for years.

I was a Christian but I never learned habits to help me power up spiritually and control my mind.

In ‘Assets of a Peaceful Woman‘ I share lifestyle habits to help you overcome your struggle.

The ebook walks you through simple strategies for change and can be printed from your computer or read on a mobile device.

This book is going to be pulled from circulation this year to make room for other resources. Don’t miss out on your chance to get a copy.


Assets of a Peaceful Woman