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Her Pleasant Words Devotional

In the early years of marriage, I struggled with communicating in a way that built my family up rather than tearing them down. I used a lot of hurtful words and my tone wasn’t always loving.

This is not the wife and mother I wanted to be and I was often riddled with guilt after lashing out at my husband and children.

I knew it was wrong and without God’s help, I’d never change.

I know that’s where some of you have found yourselves, but know that you are not alone. You may not have a close Christian friend to confide in. You may be ashamed, but want to do better.

If that’s where you are, ‘Her Pleasant Words‘ is for you! It’s a 4-week ebook devotional for women who want to speak pleasant words to their family. 


Who is this ebook for?

  • Women who struggle with a destructive communication style.

  • Women who want to get to the root of their anger.

  • Women who want to create practical and intentional actions to become more Christ-like in their communication.

Why this ebook will help?

  • Throughout the devotional, we will see what the Bible says about our communication style.

  • We will pray together, as individuals and hopefully with our husbands as we work on becoming more like Christ in this area.

  • It will help us zero in on the topics and situations that trigger our anger and implement strategies to address them.

While working through Her Pleasant Words, I hope you get a sense that I am right there with you, praying with you and encouraging you. I’m here for you. All it takes is you leaving me a comment here on the blog or Facebook anytime.

Her Pleasant Words can be instantly printed from your computer or read on any reading device.

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