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How to Set Goals for a Successful Year

How to Set Your Top 7 Annual Goals

Are you ready to set some goals that will change the trajectory of your life forever? If that’s you, you’ll want to attend this class and download my workbook.

God made us creators like Himself and we get to create an amazing life using the gifts He has given us.
Yep you get to create the life He placed in you and it starts with a vision. Vision needs to then be written down as goals so that you can act on them in faith.
If you’re ready to succeed, have direction and live the life you desire, this class will help you do just that.
In class I will show you how to plan your year in 7 key areas and tackle limiting beliefs before they start.
The impact of these 7 annual goals will provide clarity, focus, direction, balance and a roadmap for your year.
In class you’ll learn: 
— The Top 7 Areas to Set Goals In.
— How to set purposeful goals that align with your calling.
— How to organize and track your goals.
Plus you’ll get a goal setting printable workbook to start planning right away.
(Class Length: 1 hour 23 minutes)
Tap the link below to watch the video and get the printable goal setting workbook.