4 Ways to Discuss a Hot Topic Without Arguing

There is no magic pill we can take to ensure everything goes right in our day. In fact, things will probably go wrong just because we want them to go right. We can’t control every part of our day, but what we can control is us. We get to decide how we respond to every situation that comes our way […]

Ultimate List of Prettiest Journal Bibles

Amazon has several of the prettiest journal Bibles available. When I shared my favorite on Facebook, you asked where I found it so I’ve put together this list. My goal is to inspire you to read your Bible everyday and if coloring through the scriptures will motivate you, I’m all for it. If you’re super artistic and […]

How to Avoid Arguments in Marriage

We were in a bad place. Arguments in marriage is what was tearing us apart and with every new one came new cracks in our foundation. My marriage was falling apart and I didn’t know how to fix it. We argued and yelled constantly and I was fed up. I knew I had to do […]

Connecting With Our Kids Through Family Time This School Year

Today’s tips for connecting with  kids through family time this school year is a sponsored post written on behalf of Heirloom  Audio Productions. Every year around this time I share one of my most popular back to school blog post. The last time I shared it, I got comments from so many of you who were worried about sending your kids […]