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For all of you who have emailed me about monetizing your blogs, I’ve put together a list of ways to get you started.

1. Create your website/blog.

If you are new to the world of blogging, I highly recommend self-hosted WordPress or is a FREE service and it’s easy to use. They have many free templates to choose from.  I WordPress self hosted for my blog just because it gives me more functionality and I own my domain name. If you choose WordPress you will also need to choose a company to host your site and I recommend

2. Write Content.

The best way to attract readers is to have content. Once you have attracted some readers, you’ll need to provide new content often so they will come back. How often you decide to publish articles will depend on your blog topic and lifestyle. I have seen some bloggers who post once a week have just as much traffic as those who post several times a day.

3. Promote Your Blog.

The easiest way to this is to comment on other blogs and websites. Whenever you leave a comment on a site or blog, that’s a chance for you to leave a link to your blog. Most comment sections ask for your name and web address. This is where you can leave links and get traffic. The trick to this is not to be spammy. In other words, don’t leave comments just for the sake of getting some FREE promotion. Leaving quality comments not only gets you FREE promotion, but it can also set you up as an authority on the subject you are commenting on.

4. Advertise Your Site.

This can be done very frugally if done right.

The cheapest way to advertise your site will be in your email signature. This way every time you send out an email, your recipient will be presented with an an opportunity to visit your site. Gmail allows you to add Rich Text signatures to your account. This feature lets you to add html your signature line which makes it a great place to advertise with a link to your blog. I’m not going to post a tutorial for this because Amy has already done such a great job of explaining  how to add Rich Text signatures to your account on her site.

Mommy and or business cards are a great way to get the word out about blog. Many time you can get cards made for FREE plus the cost of shipping and give them out at business events or PTA meetings. You can do the same with your address labels & checks. Just print your customized labels or checks and include your website address on it. Vistaprint often has checks and labels for as little as FREE plus the cost of shipping.

Finally, consider advertising on your favorite blogs. An inexpensive way to do this is by trading ad space. You could offer to ad their blog button to your side bar and return for them adding yours to theirs. Be prepared to buy ad space as well which usually starts around $10 a month depending on the size of the blog.

5. Set up a FREE Paypal account.

This will be the simplest way to collect your compensation. If you’d like you can still use snail mail for many companies. Be sure to check the payout types for each affiliate as some do only offer payouts through Paypal.

6. Decide on a system for tracking income.

I use which is FREE to try for the first 30 days and then just $9.95 a month there after.  There is no obligation to keep using it, but I’m sure that you’ll love it as much as I do. One thing I like about Outright is that it’s budget friendly for small blogs and simple to use. As you enter your income you can set up charts, and print them out for your tax adviser. You can also get an estimation of taxes due. Outright very user friendly and I highly recommend them for anyone.

7. Sign up for affiliate companies.

Affiliate companies usually compensate on a pay per click or pay per lead basis.

  • Link Vehicle

8. Choose some campaigns that are relevant to your blog.

Once you are approved, log into your account and take a look at the available campaigns. When you see a campaign you like, click on the link to see the available promotion methods. You can usually choose between text ads and visual ads. Some ad networks allow you to choose the companies you’d like to work with. These ad networks include Commission Junction and Linkshare.

If you’d like to be notified when new ads are available be sure to update your notification options in your account.

9. Begin placing relevant ad links in your posts or image ads on your blog.

In the beginning, if your blog is a deals blog you may want to choose ads that offer coupon discounts for stores you regularly post about. Choosing relevant ads can be tricky at first. If your readers are not accustomed to being led  off site they may be confused by the ads and/or  text links in your posts. You may want to try adding an explanation before the link letting the reader know why you are sending them off site.

For example : If you are telling them about your favorite vacuum cleaner and you  have a campaign that sells it try typing something like.

  • You can find out more information about my favorite vacuum by visiting affiliate link XYZ.

After awhile you can just omit the explanation and tell your readers about your favorite vacuum and make the name of the vacuum a hyperlink directly  to your affiliate. For example:

When adding campaigns to your site look for topics that you’ve already talked about which your readers have shown interest in. Try to find campaigns that match those topics.

10. Check your statistics at least once a month.

When checking your stats you are looking to see which campaigns your readers are responding too. You are also checking to see which campaigns have ended. Once campaigns end the links are redirected to an affiliate generated dead page.

Checking your stats will allow you to see how many leads you’ve generated per campaign. This information will help you determine what types of offers your readers want.

11. Be transparent and disclose the fact that you are compensated for ads on your blog.

The FTC requires it so be sure to add a disclosure, privacy and disclaimer policy to your site. You can read mine here and make your disclosure policy for FREE here.

12. Don’t compromise the trust of your readers for a buck.

Don’t offer your readers products and campaigns  that you do not or would not use yourself. If you allow the all mighty $$$ to fuel your campaign choices you will end up losing the trust of your readers and the $$$ you hoped to gain.

There is no limit to the number of advertising networks you can sign up with. As you get to know more about each network, you’ll get an idea of which ones work for you and which don’t.

I hope this post was helpful. If you’d like to read more like it be sure to subscribe to my FREE update HERE.



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