The Fight of Your Life | Strategies for Biblical Warfare in Marriage

Are you prepared for marital warfare? The enemy wants to destroy Christ centered marriages. The enemy wants to destroy YOUR marriage and will accomplish that goal by any means necessary. He will try and use your husband, children, finances, family and friends.

When your marriage is facing dark moments how will you respond? Without a Christ focused plan, married couples end up fighting the wrong battles against the wrong enemy, but I have some solutions to help you navigate this area.

Join me for a 4-part video course Strategies for Biblical Warfare in Marriage!

The four classes will cover:

— The BIG battle I fought for my marriage over the last 5 days and how my battle can help your marriage.

— Marital Mindset Shift: How to renew your mind, prepare and fight effectively for your marriage.

— Strategies for Marital Warfare | How to Fight in the Spirit for your marriage!

— Creating a new future for your marriage.

This series is going to help you fortify your marriage against attacks and give you tools to make your marriage bond stronger.

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Today I’m shooting an unedited video about a class called Biblical Warfare in Marriage. If you’d like to join the converstaion, just use the comment box below the post. This video is being streamed live from my YouTube channel. To make sure you catch the next live video, click here to visit my channel on YouTube and subscribe.

The Better Marriage Challenge

The Better Marriage Challenge

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Hey y’all!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I’ve been stuck in the house for the past ten days sick with bronchitis. Being homebound has given me more deliberate time to organize my office, write, and make some important decisions about this site.

I’m at a point where I feel like I could should be doing more to help you guys. Last year I put together marriage coaching groups, but later stopped when I didn’t have the time to carry it out the way that I wanted.

This year I’ve been pulled back to that idea.

This time I’m keeping to group small. They would consist of 50 women only. We’d work together for 30 days on building a better marriage.

First, you’d complete a Better Marriage questionnaire. After reviewing it, I create customized suggestions to help you reach your Better Marriage goals.

Over the following 30 days, you’ll join a private group with 50 other women and myself, to have check-in’s, discussions, share your progress and be encouraged.

You’ll also receive weekly challenges and emails from me to keep you going toward your goal.

I’ll be there with you to help you reach the goals we map out for your marriage. Think of me as your marriage mentor and coach.

If you’ve appreciated the content I’ve written about on this site over the years, you will benefit from these intensive 30-day marriage mentor groups.

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 Better Marriage Challenge Details



Biblical Womanhood Online Conference

Biblical Womanhood Conference

I have some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G news!!

I will soon be offering online conference geared toward Biblical womanhood, but the spaces will be limited to a small number per session.

I’ll be speaking on the following topics and more;

  • Identify areas where God wants you to grow as a wife
  • Becoming a Godly helper in your marriage
  • Learning how to communicate in a way your husband will understand
  • Setting up hedges around your marriage
  • How to Biblically and resolve conflicts in marriage
  • Creating a Godly example of Biblical motherhood for children
  • How to become your husband asset and not his adversary
  • Preparing yourself for marriage
  • Thriving versus surviving the first 10 years of marriage
  • And more!!

At this point I will only be sending out conference invites via my email list. If you are not on it please be sure to sign up here for FREE.

Each live conference will cover a different topic and will be hosted online using Google Hangout or Skype. The cost of registration is $3.99 per conference which at this time will be offered once per month.

I will mail out details on the topic, date, and time each month along with a registration link.

If this is something you want to be a part of simply join the mailing to list to receive details about about the first conference.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.