DIY Ground Level Deck Progress

I seriously look forward to working on projects with my husband. I love the time we spend connecting and the excitement that comes with watching a project come together that we thought we could never do. In a perfect world, we didn't bicker the first two weekends of this project. In a perfect world, I didn't wait until I was PMS'ing to build a deck with my husband in ninety five degree weather. The truth is we sparsely speak for about forty-eight hours during the first two weekends of this project. My attitude was terrible, but I didn't know why. After the second weekend, it all came together and we realized why my attitude was so funky. PMS is real. Once that was squared away we were back to working together as a loving couple and completed our ground level deck below our two story deck. We even got the kids involved by letting them help paint the upper deck. This was such a fun project an I think the second biggest we've done together. It turned out pretty well for two … [Continue reading...]