Backyard Renovation Sneak Peek

Germaine and I are still knee deep in home improvement projects but we are falling in love with what we've done to the back and front yard so far. If you remember my post from a few weeks ago, we completed some major overhauling to the yard including building a concrete patio, raised vegetable boxes and landscaping. Today I'm going to give you a backyard renovation sneak peek showing how everything looks now that the sod has been watered and some of the plants are maturing. The plant above is right below our deck in a flower bed created to provide something visually pleasing to look at when looking down from our 12 foot high deck. In that same flower bed I planted two rose bushes, one of which is finally producing leaves. The grill patio is one of our favorite parts of the backyard now. We grilled out Memorial Day weekend and enjoyed using it even without the grill gazebo we plan to buy soon. Not to far from our grill area is our vegetable garden which has grown … [Continue reading...]