The Fight of Your Life | Strategies for Biblical Warfare in Marriage

Are you prepared for marital warfare? The enemy wants to destroy Christ centered marriages. The enemy wants to destroy YOUR marriage and will accomplish that goal by any means necessary. He will try and use your husband, children, finances, family and friends.

When your marriage is facing dark moments how will you respond? Without a Christ focused plan, married couples end up fighting the wrong battles against the wrong enemy, but I have some solutions to help you navigate this area.

Join me for a 4-part video course Strategies for Biblical Warfare in Marriage!

The four classes will cover:

— The BIG battle I fought for my marriage over the last 5 days and how my battle can help your marriage.

— Marital Mindset Shift: How to renew your mind, prepare and fight effectively for your marriage.

— Strategies for Marital Warfare | How to Fight in the Spirit for your marriage!

— Creating a new future for your marriage.

This series is going to help you fortify your marriage against attacks and give you tools to make your marriage bond stronger.

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Today I’m shooting an unedited video about a class called Biblical Warfare in Marriage. If you’d like to join the converstaion, just use the comment box below the post. This video is being streamed live from my YouTube channel. To make sure you catch the next live video, click here to visit my channel on YouTube and subscribe.

The Purpose of Prayer

Praying Connects or Soul to God

Early mornings are a great time to pray. When I was a young mom and the kids were little, I’d get up before sunrise to pray just so I could be alone with God.

Praying is how Christians talk to God. Not praying is the same as ignoring God. Not praying is like walking into a room, seeing someone you know, but not even acknowledging them.

Praying connects our soul to God. It allows us to know Him more intimately than just a surface relationship.

“Here’s what I want you to do: Find a quiet, secluded place so you won’t be tempted to role-play before God.

Just be there as simply and honestly as you can manage”.

(As you talk to God), the focus will shift from you to Him, “and you will begin to sense His grace.”

(Matthew 6:6 MSG)

Enjoy your time with The Lord this morning!!

If you would like to receive prayer, please leave a comment below and we will pray over it. Also, please share your experiences or comments because we are all women of prayer and can encourage one another.

Prayer to Trust in God’s Provision


Today’s prayer prompt comes from Psalm 142:5

I cried unto the Lord I said thou are my refuge and my portion in the land of the living.

Here’s are the key points to remember today.

Meditate on it

  • He is my portion.
  • He will provide everything I need.

 A Prayer of Provision


Dear Lord,

Everything I need is in you. Help me remember that when it feels like others are holding onto what I believe is mine.

Thank you Lord for being everything I need today.