How to Have an Effective Prayer Life

Once you accept Christ into your heart, there are often times when we wonder about prayer.  Most of the time, our prayers are an endless array of words spun up to the Lord.  While that is true, prayer as described by Webster’s dictionary is a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God.  I would go a step further and say that prayer is the practice of the presence of God. Prayer is our response to Him.  In prayer, our character is molded and shaped. Think of prayer as preparation for the battle ahead. Communication with God is what aligns our hearts toward our eternal Father. Prayer is worshipping and honoring God, and it is our incense offered up to Him.  Here is a basic guide to prayer: ADORATION: Open your prayer by adoring God.  Start by simply praising Him for all that He is. CONFESSION: Confession of sins. Ask for a cleaning of your heart, mind, body & soul. THANKSGIVING: Give God thanks for everything He has provided for … [Continue reading...]