4 Choices Women Are Afraid to Make

4 Choices Women Are Afraid to Make

What would you do differently if you stopped giving so much power to what people thought of you and your choices? Take a moment to give it some serious thought. I think it’s a good thing to give thought to how a bad choice may affect your character and witness to others, but I’m talking about good […]

Becoming Better Wives Through The Fruit of the Spirit

Fruit of the Spirit

The fruit of the spirit, I struggle with the most is patience. Another term for patience is self control. The King James Bible uses the word temperance. I love that word because the first part of the word “temper” indicates what we often lose when we get upset. When I get irritated, frustrated or overwhelmed, I’m […]

Cultivating Intimacy in Marriage

Cultivating Intimacy in Marriage - aproverbswife.com

Wives, cultivating intimacy is so much more than a physical act and it begins way before we ever reach the bedroom. If you are bumping heads and harboring resentment that’s affecting your intimate time together, talk it out. Intimacy is a precious gift from God for our enjoyment. It’s a vulnerable act of worship and no two couples will […]