What We’re Studying from the Bible with our Kids

What We’re Studying from the Bible with our Kids -

I do a lot with my kids, but one of the most important things I do is encourage them to read and study the Bible.

A good knowledge and understanding of Gods word will make a greater impact on their lives than anything I could ever tell them.

While I verbally share the scripture with them in our days to day conversations, I still make require them to spend some part of the day reading it for themselves.

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Prepping Our Hearts to Patiently Parent


You are either in the throws of spring break or anticipating it’s arrival. That time when your kids are out of school can be a time of growth and strengthening of the family or chaos.

I want that time for your family to be about growth, but in order to do that you must make a plan for success.


How do you do that?

The way me cultivate a God focused spring break where He get’s the glory in honor is by prepping our hearts to patiently parent. It’s to hard to do at all, but it will take some intentional actions on your part.

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3 Tips on How to Parent With Patience Not Frustration

How to Parent With Patience Not FrustrationParenting is hard and rewarding. There is a lot of sacrifice involved and if I knew what I knew now when I began having children, I would have waited a lot longer.

To be a great parent you have to be a great Christ follower. Raising children takes wisdom and patience, much of which comes with maturity not age.

Over the years as I’ve improved my character, through relationship with God, I’ve become a better mom.

By better, I mean more patient and wiser mom.

I’ve been a mom for over 20 years now and in that time I’ve a learned quite a bit about parenting I’d love to share with you in today’s video.

For your notes, I listed the key points below. I hope you enjoy this video and gain some valuable tips to help you parent with a little more patience and a lot less frustration.

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4 Ways to Be a Better Mom This Year

4 Ways to Be a Patient Mom This Year - A Proverbs Wife

There’s no better time than now to make a commitment to be a better mom.

The words “better mom” will mean different things to different people. For me it will entail more patient mothering.

In my role as mom I especially strive to gently correct my children and discipline without anger.

There are instances where a stern tone is needed but I want to be even more intentional about using my gentle voice more often.

So what am I doing to ensure I reach my goals?

  1. I’m reading my Bible everyday. I read something almost everyday that reminds me of God’s patience with me. After reading I often reflect on my mess ups and how God did not scold me but gently guided me back on track.

  2. I’m allowing my children room to make mistakes. Instead of holding them to a standard of perfection, I’m going to truly stop and evaluate if the did what I asked to the best of ‘their ability’.

  3. I’ll continue to look at my children as assets and not burdens. They are super helpful, kind and loving. They add so much more to my life than they take away but sometimes I forget that.

  4. I’ll be even more prayerful specifically regarding areas where I struggle as a mom.

All in all I’m going to give them my best and let God work out the rest.

I’ll never be a perfect mommy….PERIOD.

What I do want to be is a mommy that pleases God.

For me that means repenting when I’ve missed the mark, rejoicing when I get it right, and praising God for the amazing children and life he’s blessed me with.

If you are struggling as a mommy I want to come along side and pray with you.

This mommy thing can be tough especially when our personal standard is Christ-likeness.

If you’d like me to add your name to my prayer list or if you have a specific need, leave your name and or prayer request below.

Gardening with Kids with Purpose

EditedtitleThis is the season where most families are finding things outdoors to do and taking the time to enjoy the spring air.  

After a long winter (if you live up North) it’s a great time to get the kids outside and do a garden or start planting flowers!

A wonderful and cheap way to do a project with your children is planting seeds (but with a purpose in mind)!  

Go to your local Walmart or even dollar store and for a few bucks you can pick up some supplies like:

  • planting trays

  • potting soil

  • little shovels

  • seeds

  • watering can

  • fertilizer

After you pick up supplies, pick a nice sunny day and gather the children to make a gardening project with a purpose.    

How do I do gardening with purpose?  What does that mean?

Here are a few examples of how to garden with a purpose:

Simply….take the moments while filling in the dirt and adding the seeds to teach your children about the parable of the sower in Matthew 13:1-23.  

As you are planting talk to your children about how some seeds fall on stony ground, some by the way side, and some take root and flourish.  

Ask them which kind of  heart do they need to have the seeds of God’s truth take hold?IMG_3616

If you’re not planting, and you’re just clearing out weeds…. This is a great time to teach how weeds are like sin in our lives.  

When unconfessed and not dealt with it grows bigger and stronger and can overtake your whole heart.

Another way to teach while gardening is about the things that God created and how each flower and plant has a purpose that is part of God’s perfect design.  

This a wonderful opportunity to open their eyes to creation and how God’s world was designed.  

IMG_3635 And last….as you finish up with watering and fertilizer your plants, remind them what they need in their life to grow as a Christian.  Prayer and reading God’s Word.

 Just as every plant needs sun and water to grow, we need to pray and read God’s Word to stay a healthy.

So next time you go out in the yard with the kids….make it purposeful and take  these moments to add in a spiritual teaching while doing your planting and gardening!

 Make these moments special, make them fun, & make them purposeful!

Gardening with Kids with Purpose

How to Stop Being an Angry Parent

How to Stop Being an Angry Parent

If you’re a mom of school age kids and you don’t homeschool you are either dreading the last day of school, looking forward to it, or are somewhere in between.

The thought of having your kids home with you for most of the day during the Summer may be intimidating if you are working on controlling your tongue.

Some of you are hopeful about the last day of school, have already accessed your instant download and plan to use the Summer to work through my ebook Remove from Me this Venomous Tongue — How to Stop Destroying Your Family with your Words.

I want this Summer to be a joy filled time for every mother reading this post today. I want your children’s days to be filled with joyful memories not days spent walking around on eggshells hoping mom doesn’t lose it.

When the Summer ends and your kids return to school I want them to be sure of two things:

1. God loves them.

2. Mom loves them.

You may be wondering how you are supposed to do this when you can barely make it from 3:00 when school let’s out until their bedtime without yelling.

Well I’m not going to provide you a simple and dismissive answer because there isn’t one.

The only way you are going to create joy filled days where you patiently mother your children is going to be by the grace of God, a willing and obedient spirit and complete surrender.

You are going to have to lay the women you are today on the altar as a living sacrifice and let the Holy Spirit guide every single solitary moment of your day.

You will have to surrender it all.

Your thoughts, will, actions, words and emotions to Him.

God and His word must become the filter through which you process everything you do.

If you are often frustrated, stressed, overwhelmed and at your wits end with your family that is a clear indication that God is not in control over that area of your life.

God is not the author of chaos and confusion, He is the author of peace.

I want you to win!!

If it wasn’t true I wouldn’t have wrote such a transparent ebook about my struggle with anger. I’m on your side and I’m advocating for you and your children.

I’m petitioning God for this to be the Summer where everything changes for your family. I don’t want you to live like you’ve been living anymore. I’ve been there and it’s like hell on earth.

I want you to be free from the bondage of defeat.

I want to help you get there. I am here to pray with you. If you leave a comment below with just your name, I’ll pray for you.

Do you want this Summer to be different?

Let’s do this.

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Lord you know our needs before we even ask. That’s how amazing You are.

I am so glad that you are a God who is not afar off but You are able to relate to our infirmities.

I am so glad that You went to the cross for us and gave us an example of what it means to die to the flesh so that we can live at liberty in the Spirit.

Right now these women who struggle with patiently mothering are not at liberty and if they’ve read this far they so desperately want to be made new.

I petition You Most High God to do a miraculous work in them to where they know that it was nobody but You.

Thanks you so much again Lord for changing me. You’ve made me a better wife and mother. Thank you Father so much for forcing I mean encouraging me to write this book and helping so many.

I am truly humbled and honored to be your daughter.

Your Husband is Not God

My God

I don’t place the burden of my provision on my husband’s shoulders. Nor do I expect him to meet all of my needs.

I depend on GOD and GOD alone to meet my needs.

This is what has helped me to encourage my husband rather than criticize him when we were faced with hard times.

The only thing I expect my husband to do is follow God.

If God sees fit for us to have an abundance, He will provide it. If He sees fit for us to experience struggles we will endure it.

God is my provider, my strength and my joy. Situations don’t determine my character. I’m going to love my husband through good and bad.

All my trust is in the LORD!

Phillipians 4:19 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.