Blogging for Compassion | A Letter To God

Dear God, Thank you for allowing our family to take care of Smohal. Everything that happened in the process of choosing her was divinely ordained. We are blessed and deeply honored to have been chosen by You to care for her financially. Lord help us be faithful to this obligation for as long as You desire. And help us be sensitive to Your leading in sponsoring more children. You know our hearts desire for those in need especially women and children. You've laid this passion for the hurting on our hearts and only You will be able to help us fulfill the what You are calling us to. Thank you Lord for giving us the courage to sponsor a child despite all of our personal financial obligations. You know theĀ  sacrifice it will take to send this money each month but we have faith that You are able to perform what ever You've called us to do. We've put off sponsoring way too long because we thought we should be completely debt free first. But You know how my heart wouldn't stop … [Continue reading...]