Do You Love to Write? A Proverbs Wife Blog Contributors WANTED!

I have run A Proverbs Wife since 2008 and I enjoy writing and sharing my story in an effort to help other women. My site is dedicated to encouraging, empowering and igniting woman's passion for Biblical womanhood and by the emails, comments and messages you guys share with the community, I can tell some of you love encouraging others too!! We are a community of women trying to become better keepers of our homes, love our families more and be the best we can be. A Proverbs Wife is a community that provides resources to inspire woman and help them be better. And that's where you come in. Contributors are such a great help and the good ones are truly a blessing to my team. We had some amazing women write for us over the last 7 months but it is now time to switch out the current contributors and bring in new FRESH FACES and posts! I'll be searching for the next contributors to start in April!!! I am looking for 5-6 contributors to blog here on A Proverbs. Each contributor will … [Continue reading...]