DIY Contact Paper Drawer Liner

Have I told you just how much I’ve fallen head over heels with contact paper?

Contact paper is simply thin vinyl with an adhesive backing that comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

I’ve used it to line my shelves and cabinets but have also used it as the background for my daughters DIY pin board.


DIY Contact Paper Drawer Liner

Contact paper comes in a roll that’s about 14 inches wide and several feet long.

There’s a grid on the back which makes measuring and cutting easy.

Contact paper sticks to just about anything including binders. Yep! I used some contact paper to dress up an old binder and give it new life.

The most recent adventure included my kitchen drawers.


Instead of dull wood drawer bottoms we now have fun patterns.




Working with the adhesive on the vinyl is very forgiving so don’t worry about making mistakes, it peels right off.

I hope this inspires you to make some fun updates in your home.

DIY Button Hair Clip Tutorial

DIY Button Clip Tutorial

Now that I have a pretty balanced daily schedule in place I’m finding that I have more time to pursue hobbies that bring me joy and allow me to bless others.

One hobby in particular that I enjoy is crafting. I like working on crocheting, small homemaking projects many things in between including today’s easy DIY Button Hair Clip Tutorial.

For this project you’ll need:

  • Buttons
  • 2 inch French Barrette Clip
  • Hot Glue Gun

DIY Button Clip Tutorial

I have a lot of matching and mis-matched buttons in my office/craft room. I’ve accumulated them by removing the buttons from clothing items that were to deteriorated to donate or giveaway.

I often look for ways to re-purpose items before throwing them away. By re-moving buttons and using them for other purposes is by far one of the easiest ways to save money on button crafts.

DIY Button Clip Tutorial 3


1. Place a dab of hot glue on the back of your button and position in onto your French Barrette Clip.

2. Repeat until your clip is covered.

The fun thing about this project is that it can be as unique as the buttons you own. The use of crystal, colorful or wooden buttons each would create a different feel and equally beautiful handmade craft.

DIY Button Clip Tutorial 4

DIY Button Hair Clip Tutorial

DIY Clipboard Craft Tutorial

DIY Clipboard Tutorial Blog (468x351)

This DIY Clipboard Craft Tutorial has been on my project to-do list since last year. I use my clipboard several times a week and wanted to dress it up.

This was my first try and I did everything free-hand without measuring so you’ll see that the my contact paper measurements are not exact but the finished result serves its purpose.

Now when my clipboard is hanging on the wall above my desk it looks pretty instead of boring. All you need for this project is a clipboard and contact paper which can be bought at the Dollar Tree for $1.00.

First: Unroll a piece of contact paper larger than the size of your clipboard.

Now: Lay your clipboard on top of your contact paper. Your paper should be design side down so that you can use the grid lines on the back as a guide. Your clipboard should be back side down so that the clip is facing up toward you.

DIY Clipboard Tutorial (468x381) 1

Next: Trace around the edge of your clipboard and then cut out your shape.

Now: You’ll need to eyeball or measure the size of your clip. That’s how you’ll cut out the rectangle notch to fit around the clip.

DIY Clipboard Tutorial (468x423) 2

Finally: Peel off the sticky backing on your contact paper and adhere it to your clipboard.

DIY Clipboard Tutorial

As you can see, my measurements weren’t exact but that doesn’t matter to me. If you want yours to look more precise, be sure to measure your clipboard first.

DIY Clipboard Tutorial (468x351) 5

DIY Clipboard Tutorial (468x381) 5

DIY Clipboard Craft Tutorial

DIY Clipboard Tutorial (468x375) 4

DIY Sparkly Hair Bow

DIY Hair Bows Blog Post Image

While out shopping I stumbled across some clearanced Christmas bows which I knew would make great DIY Sparkly Hair Bow tutorial.

I normally only see these in red so when I saw these bronze-y brown bows I instantly thought about recreating the sparkly bows I saw in Forever21.

Forvever21 (468x351)

After buying the bows for $0.10 it didn’t cost me anything more for this project and I ended up with ten new hair bows using 2 inch French barrette hair clips.

DIY Hair Bows1

DIY Hair Bows2

I originally planned to hot glue the bows to the clip but as soon as I saw the twisty ties on the backs of these bows I skipped the glue.

DIY Hair Bows Tutorial

DIY Hair Bows Tutorial

DIY Hair Bows Tutorial

DIY Hair Bows Tutorial

DIY Hair Bows Tutorial

DIY Hair Bows Tutorial

DIY Hair Bows Tutorial

DIY Hair Bows Tutorial

DIY Hair Bows Tutorial

DIY Hair Bows Tutorial

DIY Hair Bows Tutorial


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