DIY Christmas Wreath Snack

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I’m looking forward to having my kids out of school for the holiday and decided to make a DIY Christmas Wreath Snack.

It’s really easy to make and they’ll be excited about these mini gifts on their last day of school!!

To make it I used my DIY Christmas wreath from last year.

All I did was flip it over.

To decorate it I picked up some Wrigley’s Extra gum, peanut butter crackers, wrapping paper and bows from Walmart.

Was going to choose one of each gum flavor but all I could picture were arguments over why some got the flavor someone else wanted. So instead of mixing it up I bought three packs of Extra Polar Ice.

Wrigley's Extra Gum #shop

Other Supplies:

  • scissors

  • tape

  • hot glue gun

  • hot glue sticks

Extra Gum #shop 005

I wrapped each individual snack in wrapping paper and hot glued them onto my wreath.

Extra Gum #shop 006

Each child will get to pull of and unwrap two snacks on the last day of school.

Extra Gum #shop 008

I love giving my kids gifts and especially as we move closer to Christmas. This is a fun way to surprise them with something small, inexpensive and thoughtful.

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This DIY Christmas Wreath Snack can be done with your kids or for them.

If you are looking for a kid friendly project, try these DIY Christmas tree ornaments my youngest daughter and I made last year.


How to Build a Raised Vegetable Box

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed

A lot of people want to grow a flower or vegetable garden this year but may be thinking it’s too hard.

For me, gardening projects shouldn’t be complicated and hard to do.

In fact, I taught myself to garden and am going to share a really easy tutorial on how to make a raised garden box. This is not going to be laborious. In fact it’ll take less than an hours time and be remembered as on of the those fun garden projects.

How to Build a Raised Vegetable Box

The first thing you want to do before you even begin constructing your raised garden box is get some seeds planted.

You can buy germinated plants but I like using seeds simply because it’s cheaper per plant and gives me a higher yield.



I start my seeds indoors four weeks before I plan to plant them outside. I keep them near a sunny window and rotate them every few days so that they’ll grow upright and not slanted in the direction of the window and sunlight.

To build my raised vegetable garden box I use a 12 foot long piece of pressure treated pine and have it cut down to four 4 foot long pieces.


Using scrap wood, I insert braces in each corner. This project is as simple as creating a square using the four pieces of wood and hammering everything together with deck nails.


If you look at each corner, you’ll see where I nailed a square scrap piece of wood for extra support.

After getting the raised vegetable box in the ground I fill it with soil and get everything planted. This is the ideal time to use a little Miracle-Gro Shake’n Feed All Purpose Plant Food.


At first your garden will look like nothing much.



After just a few weeks of sunlight and watering you’ll begin to see your vegetable garden box come to life.


Garden Update 032

Garden Update 031

Garden Update 027

I hope you enjoyed this fun and easy garden project.

For more gardening ideas “follow” the A Proverbs Wife Gardening Board on Pinterest.

Garden Update 026

You’ll be able to access their expansive library of articles and videos full to help them keep a healthy and beautiful garden.


DIY Yard Renovation Ideas & Cost

We started this Spring with a big family cookout.



My daughter, her family, my Mother & Father in law, sister in laws, nephews, my grandson, my mom, my husband and children were all here.



The house was packed there was lots if food, love and laughter.




This was the first cookout of the year before Germaine and I started working on some major outdoor projects to make our yard more hospitality friendly.

This is going to be a quasi long post with a barrage of photos do grab a cup of coffee and sit tight. I want to walk you through the process not do much for your benefit but for mine. I need a way to remember this year because so far the last eight or do weeks has been a blur.

I have been working on a three month sponsored project, training my blog team and still blogging and being active on social media.

On top of that I do have a life outside of the Internet. I have been consistent at working out 4-5 days a week, fellowshipping with another family once a week and becoming more active in serving at my church. Germaine and I were asked to be the guest services team leaders at church. Germaine was already an usher but I hadn’t quite found a place to serve. Now I help coordinate volunteers to serve in different areas of the church.

We have been working consistently to remain faithful to our commitments and also complete our personal goals.

DIY Yard Renovation Ideas & Cost


The biggest personal goals for the last 90 or so days has been this yard. We have waited 11 years to do this because we wanted to pay off all of our consumer debts before spending money on our yard. Now that we just have a mortgage (and a small hospital bill — long story for another post) we felt it was the right time to budget for this project.

The first thing we did was get our seeds planted. I bought a seed started kit from Walmart for around $6 and several $0.20 packs of vegetable seeds.


After writing out our goals for the yard we knew the seeds had to be started weeks in advance of any of the landscape project to ensure we had seedlings to put in the raised garden.



Once those were planted and growing we could start on the outdoor projects.

dirt dump2

The first thing we tackled was getting 10 tons of dirt delivered to prepare the back yard for sod and level out the front lawn. 10 tons cost us $14o including delivery.

dirt dump

It took 72 hours for Germaine, the kids and I to move 10 tons of dirt to the backyard.

By day 2 I wanted to quit. I was hurting everywhere and was just tired of bringing dirt back and forth.




Germaine used his lunch break and after work time to get the job done.


By day three we had most of the dirt in the backyard and just had to spread the rest around in the front yard and move on to the next project.


The next thing we wanted to do was build a concrete paver patio for our grill. We had been buying a few concrete pavers every few weeks leading up to the Spring so by the time we started actually working on the yard we had the 77 we needed for the project.

Spring Landscaping -

(Ornamental Lilies – Clearance $2.50 each)

After getting the dirt to the backyard we began laying the pavers in place and leveling them. If you look at the image below on the right you’ll see some of our progress.

It took 2 days to get the patio laid but an additional 2 days to sweep concrete into to cracks and let it set.


By now I was feeling re-energized and loved how to patio turned out. It isn’t perfect, but I love it because we made it ourselves and didn’t incur any debt to get it done.

Each paver cost between $0.99 and $1.49 each. We used 77 or 72 pavers to make a 12×8 patio for our grill.

paver patio

After the patio was in place we needed to order sod. We weren’t sure how much we needed so we ordered a pallet at a time.


We also ordered it this way because with just the two of us laying we knew we couldn’t lay more than a pallet a day.

We used the first pallet to surround the paver patio and most of the yard closest to the back of the house. After getting the sod around the patio, I was completely in love with my new backyard.


By this time we had been working on the yard for about 4 weeks and it was time to tackle one of our biggest problems projects.

As you may know, we were remodeling the lower level of our home during the winter but stopped because of a leak in the den. Apparently the concrete had tiny cracks in it and we had to tear out the sheet rock and re-cement the walls.

We also decided to install a gutter on the house and take out the huge foundation bushes in the front after seeing tiny roots behind the wall inside the house where the leak was. Ugh!!

Removing the bushes was some of the hardest work I’ve ever done in my life. I dug a ditch in the military but pulling up this massive bushes was HARD!! Halfway through the project I thought about just cutting them down instead of salvaging them for another part of the house.

To get them moved we trimmed all of the leaves off. You can see how bare they were in the pictures below.



Then we dug a trench around each and cut through the massive root until we got the bush loose. We were able to dig up and replant one bushes per day over a span of 9 or 10 days! These bushes were strong and we were advised several times to tie it to our truck to pull them out. Now that they are where I envisioned them and are growing new leaves…I love them! I also love how much light is now shining into the lower level of the house.

By week 6 we were sick of working in the yard plus it was raining and the temperature dropped into to fifties. Whenever the son came out, I planted new flowers in my flower bed.


I’ve always been scared to grow roses because I think they are high maintenance and expensive, but when I saw some on clearance at Aldi for $1.99 I snatched up two to use as my experiment plants.


My neighbor has several beautiful rose species and I love looking at them. I am going to see how these do in the garden. The weather was cold and rainy for about 10 days so I decided to work indoors on the first of two 4×4 raised vegetable gardens.

I bought a 16 ft long piece of pressure treated lumber for around $12 and got it cut into 4 ft long pieces. I had some left over wood at home to use for corner supports. The picture below is my den which is a work in progress. The wall an insulation where the leak was which you can’t see needs to be replaced and then we can install the hardwood floors.



After assembling the 4×4 box, Germaine put it in the ground once the weather warmed up. Once it was in the ground, I planted the seedlings.


(2 – 20 lb. bags of soil for the vegetable box $2.99 at Walmart)


The weather was warming up again and because of it we got a much needed break. Now we were ready to dive back in.

We wanted to get started on the front yard again. After the bushes were pulled out we built the area up with dirt but it looked bare.

We will not plant any more bushes in this area because of what happened with the last bushes. We are going to plant foundational perennials that are green and some flowering.


This week I shopped for some flowering grass to plant. I bought 14 of them for around 44 each and was able to get them all in the ground within an hour. The next plant to go in the area will be lantana and peonies to add some year after year color.


Just as I was about to go inside I saw this lurking at my back door. It was the door I used to come outside so I had to wait until it slithered away to run inside.


After seeing that snake I was too scared to plant anymore flower this week so I decided to repaint my bird feeder with the FREE paint.




I bought Herb Cornucopia which is a pretty apple green.



After one coat the feeder looked better but before hanging it back outside, I’ll add another coat to make the color really pop.


I can’t believe I’ve been so busy offline yet still had time for my blog. It’s all God!!

I have a great team of ladies including my daughter helping me behind the scenes and

I am so thankful for them and for everything that God is doing in my life. I could not manage this all without them.

I hope this post inspires you to do something new in your life, home, relationship, business or blog.

DIY Button Hair Clip Tutorial

DIY Button Clip Tutorial

Now that I have a pretty balanced daily schedule in place I’m finding that I have more time to pursue hobbies that bring me joy and allow me to bless others.

One hobby in particular that I enjoy is crafting. I like working on crocheting, small homemaking projects many things in between including today’s easy DIY Button Hair Clip Tutorial.

For this project you’ll need:

  • Buttons
  • 2 inch French Barrette Clip
  • Hot Glue Gun

DIY Button Clip Tutorial

I have a lot of matching and mis-matched buttons in my office/craft room. I’ve accumulated them by removing the buttons from clothing items that were to deteriorated to donate or giveaway.

I often look for ways to re-purpose items before throwing them away. By re-moving buttons and using them for other purposes is by far one of the easiest ways to save money on button crafts.

DIY Button Clip Tutorial 3


1. Place a dab of hot glue on the back of your button and position in onto your French Barrette Clip.

2. Repeat until your clip is covered.

The fun thing about this project is that it can be as unique as the buttons you own. The use of crystal, colorful or wooden buttons each would create a different feel and equally beautiful handmade craft.

DIY Button Clip Tutorial 4

DIY Button Hair Clip Tutorial

DIY Binder Cover

DIY Binder Re-Do

Today I’m going to show you how to take a plain binder and dress it up real pretty with a product from the dollar store.

If you watch any of my home management videos you will recognize this particular binder as being my recipe binder which I use for meal planning.

In my video I mentioned that I found this by binder at the thrift store for around $.26 and though it serves it’s purpose it’s not very pretty.

If you have a not-so-pretty binder sitting around your house I’m going to show you how to use dollar store contact paper to change the look of your binder.

DIY Binder Re-DoDIY Binder Re-do 2013-02-14 001

First I measured the three surfaces of my binder.

DIY Binder Re-Do

  • The front cover
  • The spine
  • The back cover

I then marked off the sizes on the back of the contact paper.

DIY Binder Re-Do

Next I cut out each of the three parts to cover my binder.

DIY Binder Re-Do

Then I peeled off yet he said backing and adhere the contact paper to the cover the spine and the back cover of my recipe binder.

DIY Binder Re-Do

If you are looking for a really inexpensive way to update the look of any binder you should try this D I Y project. After covering my binder, you can see how pretty it is now.

DIY Binder Re-Do

DIY Binder Re-DoDIY Binder Re-do 2013-02-14 010

DIY Binder Re-Do

After getting everything adhered to the binder I added a label so that I can easily locate my binder at my desk.

DIY Binder Re-Do

My recipe binder sits neatly at my desk with the rest of my home management binders.

DIY Binder Re-DoDIY Binder Re-do 2013-02-14 014


Do It Yourself Kids Artwork Display Frame


We are still in the process of remodeling our downstairs because of the flood but in the meantime, I’ve been tackling smaller projects as well.

So far we’ve pulled up carpet in the den and on the stairs throughout the house. We’ve also installed a wall to seal off a second entrance to our now master bathroom and repainted the entire lower level.

Last month we finished replacing all of our light bulbs with money saving CFL light bulbs and this month, I updated some of our light fixtures.

Everything is still a work in progress, but I am finally seeing some big improvements.

I took time of of working on the main areas of the house to focus on my daughters bedroom. I’ll reveal more of what I did soon, but one project I want to share today is this DIY kids artwork display frame I made for her.

DIY Kids Artwork Display Frame



  • Contact Paper
  • Scissors
  • Masking Tape
  • Old Picture Frame
  • Styrofoam or cardboard backing



1. I cut one long piece of Styrofoam into two pieces to fit the width and length of my frame. I then tapped the two pieces together with masking tape.


2. Next, I measured out enough contact paper to cover the front of my Styrofoam. I then taped down the edges of the contact paper to create a white border.



3. Once the border was complete, I inserted the covered styrofoam backing into the frame.


The frame will be painted magenta to match her bedroom decor. We’ve decided on green apple, magenta and sky blue for her bedroom. You can see some of the ideas I have in store for her bedroom on her Pinterest board.


She really loves having this pin board in her bedroom to showcase her art work and test scores. In fact, her grades have improved because of this board. We set a standard for what grades we’d include on the board, and she’s been doing her very best to study so that she could be proud of her efforts.


To see some other ways you can make inexpensive decorations for your home check out my $7 sunburst mirror and my photo collage frame.

DIY Clipboard Craft Tutorial

DIY Clipboard Tutorial Blog (468x351)

This DIY Clipboard Craft Tutorial has been on my project to-do list since last year. I use my clipboard several times a week and wanted to dress it up.

This was my first try and I did everything free-hand without measuring so you’ll see that the my contact paper measurements are not exact but the finished result serves its purpose.

Now when my clipboard is hanging on the wall above my desk it looks pretty instead of boring. All you need for this project is a clipboard and contact paper which can be bought at the Dollar Tree for $1.00.

First: Unroll a piece of contact paper larger than the size of your clipboard.

Now: Lay your clipboard on top of your contact paper. Your paper should be design side down so that you can use the grid lines on the back as a guide. Your clipboard should be back side down so that the clip is facing up toward you.

DIY Clipboard Tutorial (468x381) 1

Next: Trace around the edge of your clipboard and then cut out your shape.

Now: You’ll need to eyeball or measure the size of your clip. That’s how you’ll cut out the rectangle notch to fit around the clip.

DIY Clipboard Tutorial (468x423) 2

Finally: Peel off the sticky backing on your contact paper and adhere it to your clipboard.

DIY Clipboard Tutorial

As you can see, my measurements weren’t exact but that doesn’t matter to me. If you want yours to look more precise, be sure to measure your clipboard first.

DIY Clipboard Tutorial (468x351) 5

DIY Clipboard Tutorial (468x381) 5

DIY Clipboard Craft Tutorial

DIY Clipboard Tutorial (468x375) 4