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How to Organize Laundry Baskets with Labels

Okay, here’s the deal. I bought this label maker a few months back and after that I that I was hot stuff. I love having things organized and I love making it easy for my family to help me keep the house organized. So back to this label maker…right. With it, I was labeling cabinet shelves, refrigerator shelves and everything. In some cases it was helping like here, here, here and here but then in other cases…not so much. But then…I decided to step it up a notch because stick on labels just wasn’t gonna cut it on everything. I wanted

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How to Fill a Drawer Hole with Wood Filler

We are kind of all over the place with home improvement projects but we’ve been primarily focusing on our master bedroom and bathroom since it’s gotten too hot to work on the yard. One project I’m specifically working on this is redesigning a thrifted dresser I bought off craigslist. My plan is to paint it an entirely different color. To begin the transformation I removed all of the hardware and spray painted it gold. One of the drawer pulls was broken and needed to be replaced. The existing holes are larger than I need for the new drawer pulls so 

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Have I told you just how much I’ve fallen head over heels with contact paper? Contact paper is simply thin vinyl with an adhesive backing that comes in a variety of colors and patterns. I’ve used it to line my shelves and cabinets but have also used it as the background for my daughters DIY pin board. DIY Contact Paper Drawer Liner Contact paper comes in a roll that’s about 14 inches wide and several feet long. There’s a grid on the back which makes measuring and cutting easy. Contact paper sticks to just about anything including binders. Yep! I

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How to Paint Vinyl or Laminate Floors

I spent yesterday and today updating my master bath. We’d never finished the floating bathroom shelf after they started to sag. When I do a do it yourself project that doesn’t turn out the way I’d hoped I usually leave it undone until I can find a solution. So after a whole year I finally reinforced the shelf and added a second shelf which I’ll share pictures of soon. If you follow me on Instagram (<—— which you should so go ahead and get that out of the way) you will have already seen some sneak peaks. So after fixing

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