Painted Keys Tutorial!!

DIY Blinged Out Keys

I don’t have many keys on my key ring, but the few that I have caused me to waste a few seconds of my life everyday. I literally stand at the front door, flipping through each key looking for the one I need to unlock the door.

I needed a quick and cheap solution. Germaine was having the same problem so he went out and bought these, but I wanted something more feminine and personalized so I decided to do-it-myself.

I had some nail polish I have been trying to use up before it dries out, but I don’t think I’ll use it in time. I give myself a fresh pedicure and manicure every week, but that’s still not often enough to use up the amount of nail polish I own. Some of my favorite colors are already beginning to thicken up so I thought, why not use them on my keys.

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DIY Sparkly Container

DIY Sparkly Container APW2

This DIY sparkly contabier is such a fun and easy project and can be used in so many areas of your home. I’ve used mine in the kitchen to hold dishwasher tabs, in my office to organize my highlighters and pencils, and even in the bathroom for my makeup brushes.

The total cost for this project was around $11 and I can make many more of these using the leftover Bling ribbon.

DIY Sparkly Container APW6

I bought my square glass votives at Walmart for $3.47 but you can get similar ones for the Dollar Tree for $1. The glass vase is one I had left over from a bouquet of roses my husband bought me.

DIY Sparkly Container APW

The bling roll is easy to cut, attaches easily using hot glue and comes in several colors. I just love the sparkle of the silver against the glass.

DIY Sparkly Container Tutorial

I see items like these in Marshalls and Ross all the time and  they’re never as inexpensive as it was to create my own.

DIY Deck In Progress Styling

DIY Ground Level Deck  Tour

 I’m absolutely in L-O-V-E with our DIY deck and new outdoor space. What I love the most is that Germaine an I built it ourselves.

DIY Ground Level Deck

 It sits directly below our upper deck and has become my new favorite space. It’s completely shaded from the harsh southern summer sun unlike the upper deck.

DIY Ground Level Deck

It’s surrounded by two of my flower beds so the view will be amazing year round once my plants mature. The plants are only six to twelve months old. They are the same ones we planted last year when we built the patio.

DIY Ground Level Deck  Tour

DIY Ground Level Deck  Tour

I’m going to enjoy styling this table for meals, and get together’s with friends. So far the deck is decorated with things we already owned. We plan to add lighting, an outdoor rug, more seating and a screen, but for now we love the space.

Here are some more pictures of the view and decor.

DIY Ground Level Deck  Tour

DIY Ground Level Deck  Tour

DIY Ground Level Deck  Tour

DIY Ground Level Deck  Tour

DIY Ground Level Deck  Tour

DIY Ground Level Deck  Tour

DIY Ground Level Deck  Tour

DIY Ground Level Deck  Tour

DIY Ground Level Deck  Tour

DIY Ground Level Deck  Tour

DIY Ground Level Deck  Tour

DIY Ground Level Deck  Tour

DIY Ground Level Deck Progress

I seriously look forward to working on projects with my husband. I love the time we spend connecting and the excitement that comes with watching a project come together that we thought we could never do.

In a perfect world, we didn’t bicker the first two weekends of this project. In a perfect world, I didn’t wait until I was PMS’ing to build a deck with my husband in ninety five degree weather. Lower Deck

The truth is we sparsely speak for about forty-eight hours during the first two weekends of this project. My attitude was terrible, but I didn’t know why.

DIY Deck

After the second weekend, it all came together and we realized why my attitude was so funky. PMS is real.

Once that was squared away we were back to working together as a loving couple and completed our ground level deck below our two story deck.

DIY Ground Level Deck

We even got the kids involved by letting them help paint the upper deck. This was such a fun project an I think the second biggest we’ve done together.

DIY Ground Level Deck

It turned out pretty well for two non experienced weekend warriors. I’ll share some photos once we get the patio furniture back onto the deck.

For more pictures, and details on the cost and construction of the deck visit my other blog Aprons And Stilletos.

How to Organize Laundry Baskets with Labels

How to Organize Laundry Baskets with Labels

Okay, here’s the deal.

I bought this label maker a few months back and after that I that I was hot stuff. I love having things organized and I love making it easy for my family to help me keep the house organized.

So back to this label maker…right.

With it, I was labeling cabinet shelves, refrigerator shelves and everything. In some cases it was helping like here, here, here and here but then in other cases…not so much.

But then…I decided to step it up a notch because stick on labels just wasn’t gonna cut it on everything.

DIY Labels for Organizing Your Home

I wanted to label my canvas laundry baskets to make sorting easier for the kids but instead of buying labels I made some in Microsoft Word.

DIY Labels 005-2

After printing them out, I cut them to size and attached them to cardboard using packing tape.

DIY Labels 003-2

DIY Labels 004-2

DIY Labels 002-2

I used clear packing tape to secure them to the cardboard backing because…

1) I don’t have a laminator.

2) I wanted my labels to be moisture and stain proof.

I simply cut out each label and a piece of cardboard then started taping.

DIY Labels 007-2

DIY Labels 008-2

DIY Labels 010-2

Once all the labels we’re mounted on the cardboard with tape, I attached them to the laundry baskets using binder clips.

DIY Labels 011-2

I truly see my kids getting better at properly sorting the laundry now that I’ve labeled the baskets.

DIY Labels 013-2

Before now I’ve been sounding like a broken record constantly reminding them to sort their clothes into the proper baskets.

DIY Labels 017-2

DIY Labels 023-2

With the new labels I think it makes it easier for them to get it right and become better laundry room helpers.

DIY Labels 019-2

 What kind of mom are you when it comes to household chores?

a) Do you do it yourself so it’s done the way you want it?

b) Do you let your children do it even though it might not be done correctly?



How To Fill a Drawer Hole with Wood Filler

We are kind of all over the place with home improvement projects but we’ve been primarily focusing on our master bedroom and bathroom since it’s gotten too hot to work on the yard.

How to Fill a Drawer Hole with Wood Filler

One project I’m specifically working on this is redesigning a thrifted dresser I bought off craigslist.

Icone Set RedBed and Bath Remodel 006

My plan is to paint it an entirely different color. To begin the transformation I removed all of the hardware and spray painted it gold.

One of the drawer pulls was broken and needed to be replaced.

The existing holes are larger than I need for the new drawer pulls so  I’m filling them with wood filler and will drill new holes.

My Process for Filling Drawer Holes with Wood Filler

1. First clean the area where the hole is if any dust or debris.

Icone Set RedBed and Bath Remodel 007

2. Next grab your preferred wood filler. I use FIX professional interior exterior wood filler in the color natural.

Icone Set RedBed and Bath Remodel 009

3. For this next step you can use a butter knife or your hand to fill in the holes with wood filler. I prefer using a butter knife but usually end up using my fingers to make tiny pieces of wood filler to stuff in the hole for a more precise fit… but that’s just me.

Icone Set RedBed and Bath Remodel 012

FYI: wood filler dries quickly and as it dries on your finger tips it will feel like dry Krazy glue so I suggest washing your hands immediately after applying if you decide to use your fingers.

4. Now you want to remove any excess filler from around the area. I just scrape off any excess using my butter knife and then wipe around the hole with mineral spirits or a cleaning rag and cleaning spray.

Icone Set RedBed and Bath Remodel 015

5. Let it dry, sand and stain if needed.

Icone Set RedBed and Bath Remodel 013

Since my holes won’t be visible, I skipped the sanding and staining.

DIY Contact Paper Drawer Liner

Have I told you just how much I’ve fallen head over heels with contact paper?

Contact paper is simply thin vinyl with an adhesive backing that comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

I’ve used it to line my shelves and cabinets but have also used it as the background for my daughters DIY pin board.


DIY Contact Paper Drawer Liner

Contact paper comes in a roll that’s about 14 inches wide and several feet long.

There’s a grid on the back which makes measuring and cutting easy.

Contact paper sticks to just about anything including binders. Yep! I used some contact paper to dress up an old binder and give it new life.

The most recent adventure included my kitchen drawers.


Instead of dull wood drawer bottoms we now have fun patterns.




Working with the adhesive on the vinyl is very forgiving so don’t worry about making mistakes, it peels right off.

I hope this inspires you to make some fun updates in your home.