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How to Build a Raised Garden Bed

A lot of people want to grow a flower or vegetable garden this year but may be thinking it’s too hard. For me, gardening projects shouldn’t be complicated and hard to do. In fact, I taught myself to garden and am going to share a really easy tutorial on how to make a raised garden box. This is not going to be laborious. In fact it’ll take less than an hours time and be remembered as on of the those¬†fun garden projects. How to Build a Raised Vegetable Box The first thing you want to do before you even begin

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Germaine and I are still knee deep in home improvement projects but we are falling in love with what we’ve done to the back and front yard so far. If you remember my post from a few weeks ago, we completed some major overhauling to the yard including building a concrete patio, raised vegetable boxes and landscaping. Today I’m going to give you a backyard renovation sneak peek showing how everything looks now that the sod has been watered and some of the plants are maturing. The plant above is right below our deck in a flower bed created to

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My husband and I have been busy working on DIY projects around the house and wanted to share some we’ve recently completed. We are in the process of completely updating our home (on a budget and completely debt free). I hate debt and have no intention of accumulating any during this renovation. One of the things I’ve wanted for months has been these way cute light fixtures from Ikea but would have to drive four hours there and back to get them. ¬† I mentioned my love of them to my husband for months and he wouldn’t bite. He couldn’t

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We started this Spring with a big family cookout. My daughter, her family, my Mother & Father in law, sister in laws, nephews, my grandson, my mom, my husband and children were all here. The house was packed there was lots if food, love and laughter. This was the first cookout of the year before Germaine and I started working on some major outdoor projects to make our yard more hospitality friendly. This is going to be a quasi long post with a barrage of photos do grab a cup of coffee and sit tight. I want to walk you

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