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 As you can see, I have a fair amount of accessories which I like to keep as organized as possible. I find that I am more likely to wear what I have if it’s easily accessible. I have a Pocket Hanging Organizer inside my clothes closet used to keep my larger accessories like sunglasses, bracelets and watches organized. The hanging organizers come in lots of styles each with varying pocket sizes. The one I have has smaller pockets at the top which are used for my watches and stretchy bracelets. The lower half is used for larger bracelets and sunglasses.

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Mr. Proverbs Wife and I sat down yesterday afternoon and finished writing out our 2012 Homemaking obligations. Our list is broken down into things we will attempt to do ourselves and things we will pay someone else to do. The list works as a guide to keep us on track with the upkeep and beautification of our home. We found that not making a list gives us the excuse to let small project and repairs linger. Having this a list helps keep us on track and also helps us when budgeting and saving for each project. Here are the major

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For the last few weeks I’ve been working on improving the functionality of my kitchen. Since I’m a stay at home wife and mom this is where I spend most of my day and where I work. Having an organized work and living space makes our daily activities run much more smoother.  I keep my kitchen clean and tidy using this method and what I like most about it is that it only takes 10 minutes at a time to do. However, keeping things clean and tidy is only half of the equation. The other half is keeping things in

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What You’ll Need Sewing machine (1) over-sized shirt (1) nice fitting shirt 1. Lay shirt flat and button. 2. Flip shirt inside out and smooth flat. 4. Place t-shirt of desired fit on top of dress shirt. 5. Trace t-shirt, then remove. 6. Grab you sewing machine. 7. Sew along trace mark. 8. Snip off excess fabric. 9. Iron shirt and your done!! This technique can work with women’s dress shirts and for taking in a t-shirt as well. She layeth her hands to the spindle, and her hands hold the distaff. — Proverbs 31:19

Kitchen Cabinet Organizing

I’m so excited about how well these Dollar Tree storage containers have been with my kitchen cabinet organizing project. I’ve been organizing a little bit of everything and feeling a lot more in control of my space. It’s no longer a chore trying to find stuff in my deep freezer now that I’ve cleaned it and then organized it with dollar store containers. My next goal was a have a clutter free kitchen which I achieved in 5 steps. Part of the process was finding a way to store snacks without having things sitting out everywhere. When I saw these

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I have been amazed at how organized my home is getting with such a small investment in some Dollar Tree containers. I have been pleasantly surprised with some of my previous Dollar Tree purchases but wasn’t sure how these containers would hold up but I am surprised to see all of the following projects still holding up. Previous Organized Homemaking Projects 1. Kitchen Cabinets — Using containers to keep my kitchen cabinet organized was an ingenious idea. It took some tweaking since I had to raise and lower the cabinet shelves to fit the number of containers I wanted to

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I went and bought some containers from the Dollar Tree and spent the last few days organizing my freezers and cabinets. I’ll share the results soon but for now here are the different containers  I bought all for $1 each. I’ll share the results in a few days. To make sure that you don’t miss it, be sure to subscribe my FREE email or RSS updates. UPDATE: Check out the results of some of the projects I completed using $1 Tree storage products.

I received the following question from a reader. “How are you able to manage a home and business and still keep your home neat and tidy?” One of the ways I am able to keep my home neat and tidy is by getting my home making chores done early in the day. As soon as I drop the kids off at school  come home and do the following three things. 1. Start a load of laundry. 2. Set up the dishes to soak in HOT water and dish soap only. 3. Quick wipe all of the bathroom surfaces (except the

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If you do not already know….I LOVE COUPONS! There was a recent sale at Walgreens on 3M Command Adhesive hooks which were priced a $1.50 each and I just so happened to have 35 $1.50 off 3M Command product coupons. I did not expect to find 35 of them in the store but lo and behold, the store was fully stocked. I was able to score 35 various FREE hooks. The hooks came at just the right time because I have been working on some home improvement projects and needed some additional hanging option in the bathrooms. So far I’ve

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We’ve been our home close to ten years and I can remember moving in and falling in love with the newness of everything.  I loved the crisp freshly painted walls. I adored the recently vacuumed carpet and it’s visible vacuum lines. But all of that was just a fleeting memory once we had three babies within a four year time span. Along came the mess and mishaps of life with toddlers. For the first five years I fussed at my toddlers for leaving hand prints on the walls. As a young mother and new homeowner, it was so disheartening to

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…is what I often here from friends who don’t garden. Yeah… if you use Martha Stewart Living as your standard (Sorry Martha, I love your work…I’m just sayin’). We use magazines and gardening shows as a way to generate ideas for my gardening experience but not as the general rule for what I do in my gardens. Gardening for me has to be frugal. If I am paying more to grow tomatoes than it would take to buy them at the grocer, than it defeats my purpose. The biggest key to gardening on the cheap is to make a plan.

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compost bin

Composting seems like it should be something very difficult to accomplish but on the contrary it is quite easy and very helpful for our environment. Composting reduces the amount of waste in our landfills which reduces the amount of hazardous runoff in our water resources. Gen 2:15 And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. How to choose Compost Container To make your own compost bin you’ll need a sturdy container for composting. I used a rectangular Rubbermaid container but, you can use the upright Rubbermaid

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In my last post, I shared some of the benefits that come from keeping things organized. Today I’d like to take you on a short tour of my linen closet. This closet holds all of our surplus household items, hygiene items, shoes and linen. On the top shelf in the far right corner you’ll find a bag filled with bed linen and another filled with curtains. On the immediately left (see the picture below) you’ll find all of our surplus and unopened hygiene items. On the shelf beneath the hygiene shelf you’ll find the hygiene items that are open and

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(Daisy Apron instructions)

Crochet Wristlet and Crochet Hairbow

I have been really working hard to get some projects done. So far I have completed a purse and hair barrette for my daughters friend. I have also finally taken in the waist of my husband’s pants. I was very apprehensive about attacking such a project since I had never done it before. I was afraid that I would mess up and have him not trust me to do any more alterations on his clothes. One of the factors that convinced him to even buy me a sewing machine was the fact that I reassured him that I would be

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