DIY Bagged Collard Greens | How to Properly Clean Collard Greens

DIY Bagged Collard Greens | How to Properly Clean Collard Greens

Buying bagged and prepped food is often convenient but in today’s economy we have to go back to some of the old school ways of managing our home in order to cut expenses. While bagged is great, it’s often more expensive which is why I’m going to show you how simple it is to prep your own bagged collard greens at home.

This tutorial will work for kale, turnip or any other kind of green leafy vegetable.

First cut off the lower part of the stalks where the leaves end. After cutting your collards should look something like the image below.

The next thing you want to do is clean your collards. I learned how to (properly ;)) clean collard greens from my husband’s aunt.

How To Clean Collard Greens

1. Cut the stem from the bottom of your collards right where the leaves stop.

2. Fill a your sink with cool water.

3. Add a quarter teaspoon full of dish soap to the water. (Yup…. that’s how my husband’s aunt taught me :))

DIY Bagged Collard Greens | How to Properly Clean Collard Greens

4. Place all of the collard greens in the soapy water.

5. Using a clean dishcloth, wipe each large leaf and transfer to a large bowl or into your second sink.

6. After wiping each leaf let out your soapy water.

7. Run the soapy leaves under cool water for a few seconds making sure to move the leaves around to rinse soap suds.

8. Refill the sink with fresh cool water and push the leaves under the water.

9. Drain the water.

10. Now you can cut and bag your collards.

DIY Bagged Collard Greens | How to Properly Clean Collard Greens

Bagged collard greens can stay in the fridge for up to seven days. Longer if you have a vacuum seal system.

If you’d to keep them longer be sure to blanch them in hot water, cool and then bag. You can store them in the freezer for up to six months.

Do-It-Yourself Christmas Wreath

DIY Christmas Wreath |

Something is happening in my life right now and I am loving it.

God is moving and working in ways I can’t fully put into words.

He’s taking broken things and restoring them.

He’s making old things new and as I see His hand moving in my life I am inspired and encouraged.

It’s been a 10 year journey to my husband I becoming debt-free except for our mortgage and 100% self employed.

No side jobs.

No credit collectors.

Just freedom.

We given up a lot to get where we are including the luxury of running out and buying things we want.

Something I’ve always wanted to do us decorate with the seasons but that can be a costly hobby.

Over the years, in order to keep with our goal of being debt free, I’ve had to find ways to decorate on a budget.

I rely on after holiday clearance sales and frugal do it yourself projects to soothe my desire for seasonal decorating.

Today’s project is very frugal and it was made with things I already had.



  • 2 garland (any color or style)
  • Large cardboard
  • 2 packs of Christmas tree ornaments
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Ribbon or string (for hanging)


1. Cut out a circle (the size you want your wreath) from a large piece of cardboard.




2. Trace and cut out a smaller circle in the center if your larger circle. This will create a ring to build your wreath.

3. Now, thread your ribbon through the center whole, bring together and tie at the top of your ring. This will be used to hang your wreath.

4. Then take the end of your first piece of garland and hot glue it to the back of your cardboard ring.


5. Now begin threading your garland through the center circle of the ring and wrapping it around the outer edge of the ring and continuing until you come to the end of your garland.


6. At this point you can hot glue the end of your first piece of garland to the beginning of the second piece of garland and continue wrapping unto you come to the end of your second piece of garland.


7. Now that all of your garland is on your ring began spreading, spacing and tightening or loosening it as desired. Once you’ve achieved the desired look, hot glue the end of the second piece of the garland to your cardboard ring.


8. Next you need to add your ornaments. Begin by placing the ornaments in the pattern that you desire. Once you decide on a pattern start hot gluing the ornaments to the cardboard. You may have to separate the garland a bit in order for the ornaments to touch the cardboard.


9. Once everything is glued on you can take it outside and hang it. I have a Fall wreath that’s way heavier than the one in this tutorial which I hang on 3M command hooks. I have never had a problem with them holding the weight promised.



Crochet Wristlet and Hair Bow + FREE Crochet Patterns eBook

Crochet Wristlet and Hair Bow |

Can you crochet?

Crocheting is so easy and there are 1,000’s of projects that can be created in less than 24 hours like all of the dishcloths I make for my kitchen.

Ever since I made the first one, I haven’t purchased a store bought one since. Learning to crochet is so easy and their are many easy to follow crochet for beginners tutorials online.

Once you get the hang of it, you can make cute things like this crochet wristlet and hair bow set I made for my daughters best friends birthday using FREE crochet patterns.

I like to scan through the patterns and print the ones I want to try. Once printed, I add them to my homemaking binder.

Be sure to click on the previous link to take a peek inside of my binder.

She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands. She layeth her hands to the spindle, and her hands hold the distaff. Proverbs 31:13 & 19



Do-It-Yourself Focal Point Sunburst Mirror | Total Cost $7 or Less


While the children were still in school I began remodeling our family room. I started by repainting the walls and adding some wall decals.

I created a family photo with interchangeable photos to hang over our fireplace and then got to work on creating this fun Sunburst mirror.

It was really easy to make and cost under $10.


  • 2 sheets of white poster board – $1 each
  • Cardboard – $0
  • Black spray paint – $4
  • Small black mirror – $1
  • Hot glue sticks – $1
  • Hot glue gun – $1


First, I divided the poster board into equal sized rectangular strips. I marked each strip with a diagonal line.


Next I cut each strip and then hand drew the shape I wanted at the tip of each sunburst petal. After drawing each petal, I cut out the shape of each petal point.


Once all of the tips were cut, I cut a circle from a piece of cardboard. I spray painted the cardboard black to match the black mirror I used for the center. Once the cardboard dried I hot glued the mirror to the center of the cardboard.

In order to create the shorter petals in the center of the sunburst, I cut off most of the length of the strip. I did the same for the second layer of petals only I cut off a little less of the length of the strip.

I began hot gluing the petals starting with one of the shortest positioned at the north, south, east and west positions of my cardboard circle.


I continued filling in petals and layering until I had the finished project below. The full size of the sunburst is 36 inches by 36 inches.


How I Re-Purposed a Girls Dress into a Skirt

I have been practicing my sewing and I am getting so much better. The latest project was a dress that I made into a skirt for my daughter. The dress is a size 16 but my daughter wheres a size 10. Instead of waiting for her to grow into it, I decided to turn it into a skirt.

I started by cutting off the chest or bust part of the dress.

Here’s a closer look of where I cut.

Next, I cut a 4 inch strip to be used for the waist band.

I then cut the 4 inch strip in two.

Next, I started on the gathering for the skirt waist. I simply sewed along the top edge of the soon to be skirt then pulled the thread to create a gathered effect.

See how pulling the thread makes the waist look gathered.

Finally, I constructed the waist band using the two strips of fabric I cut, pinned them the the gathered part of the skirt and stitched everything together. I had to add a button which was easy with the button hole feature on my sewing machine.

So here’s a final shot of the before and after.

Floating Bathroom Shelf Before and After

We are completely moved downstairs to our new master bedroom and with the move came more project ideas. The den still has a lot of work to be done so when we exit our bedroom this is mostly what we see. The den floors still look about the same but the walls have been painted and we constructed another wall between the hallway and the bathroom so that it is now only accessible through our bedroom.

I still have some more painting to do in the den and in he hall directly outside of our bedroom, but I decoded to deviate from those projects to address one that was irking me. Our new bathroom which was formally our guest bath has absolutely no storage. You can see the 360° view here from when I painted the bathroom.

We added a wall shelf some ago but it was only big enough to hold a few things like extra rolls of tissue and hand towels for guests. Anyway, now that we are using the bathroom, there was really no place to put our extra linen and toiletries. I started browsing the internet and Pinterest and came across two ideas for more storage. I’d love to bring in a piece of repurposed furniture like the examples below.

             (image credit)                     (image credit)

I also decided to add a floating shelf. We have these wonderful shelves all throughout our lower  level and they have always made it easy for me to display my books, family photos and nick-nacks. When we moved downstairs I cleared this shelf and filled two baskets with our toiletries. This is what it’s been looking like for several weeks. While everything is in the basket it looks cluttered and is not organized to our needs.

The other dilemma is that we had no where to put extra rolls of toilet paper, bathroom linen or anything else. This bathroom has a pedestal sink with no under the sick storage space.

 Since I don’t have a lot of experience with building shelves I needed a super easy project. After some Googling, I found an easy tutorial. That helped me construct a shelf in just a few hours time.



Hard at work!!


Building the shelf frame.


Assembling everything.



Now I have a place to store extra toilet paper. The shelf is even deep enough to put rolls behind what shown.

I now have a place for extra towels too.

I store extra hand towels on the top shelf in a little basket.

Extra wash clothes are on the tops shelf in a little basket as well.

I am still on the look out for a better storage solution for our toiletries. As for now I stuck them in some canvas boxes instead of the plastic mesh storage bins they were previously in. The next task relative to this project is to either repaint the wall behind the shelves or wall paper it. I’ll probably paint it antique white to match the shelves but also give some contrast to the bathroom color.

I am by no means a pro at this painting stuff and building stuff, and I am just learning as I go, but I am so happy with the way this project turned out. It cost me around $20 for the materials and I had plenty left over to make five more floating shelves. I actually used some of the scarps to redo my daughters dresser which I’ll share pictures of soon.

Any new projects or “DIY” moments for you?  What is your favorite part of my finished project and why?

Lower Level Remodel Update + We’re Moving!!

I am so grateful this morning for the wonderful gals that work with me to keep this blog running because without them there’s no way that I could get this remodeling project done and manage the day to day operations of While they’ve been keeping you all up to date with the latest money saving deals, I’ve been working hard on remodeling the lower level of my home.

It all started with a flood and several weeks later we’ve decided to redo the entire lower level. Not only will we remodel it, but we are moving our master bedroom downstairs as well. We started out with the intent of just pulling up the wet carpet and tearing out the water damaged walls but we decided to also remove the carpet from the stairs leading downstairs. We had no idea what sort of shape the wood on the stairs would be in since they’ve been covered with the same carpet since the day we moved in ten years ago.

We were so happy to find almost perfect wood beneath the carpet. All we had to do was fill a few nail and staples holes and sand. Once we decide on the hardwood finish for the lower level, we will stain the stairs to match it.

With the stairs and lower level den floors prepped we decided to start painting our master bedroom walls. I had such a hard time deciding on a color scheme for the bedroom since the colors I like are bright and vibrant and my husband likes neutral tones. I didn’t want to waste energy trying to convince him how great neon green or ocean blue would look on the walls so I prayed that God would show me which color to choose and left for the hardware store.

When I arrived I looked at and picked out the color swatches for about fifteen minutes and just when I was about to place my order, I saw the clearance shelf. There were two gallons of neutral paint colors similar to the color we had on the walls when we moved in for only $5 each. At that moment God had answered my prayer. The color was suitable for me and would make my husband happy. I  would go neutral on the walls and hog wild crazy with my bold color desires for our bedroom accents.

Once I got home I started moving everything into the center of the room. There wasn’t too much to move. The room served as our old school room and just had a bed several desk and lot’s of school supplies.

Right now, the room is a hideous gray, black and white, colors which stemmed from our first attempts at color. We had no idea about saturation and color schemes but hopefully this go round we can pull off something cohesive.

After everything was moved to the middle of the room I started painting. I decided on the following color scheme.

The wall will be a little bit little than the first block and I will try my best to stick with the remainder of the colors for the theme of the room. The next big obstacle for the day will be figuring out how to get this television out of the house and to the city dump. It’s huge, heavy and not many places in our city take these televisions.