How to Change Your Words and Change Your Home

How to Change Your Words and Change Your Home

You yearn to be the best Christian, wife and mom you can, but deep down you have a secret only your family knows about. You loose it from time to time. More often than you would like. I know the feeling because I’ve been where you are and I created ‘Her Pleasant Words‘ specifically for you. 

Assets of a Peaceful Woman | Instant Ebook Download

Assets of a Peaceful Woman

Peace is imperative to the life of a believer. The abundance or lack of it will permeate every part of your life. Having an abundance changes how you view and respond to situations. When peace permeates your life, you no longer operate as a victim instead you live victoriously. In Assets of a Peaceful Woman, you’ll […]

INSTANT DOWNLOAD!! Her Pleasant Words — 4 Week Devotional

Her Pleasat Words 4 Week Devotional

In the early years of marriage, I struggled with communicating in a way that built my family up rather than tearing them down. I used a lot of hurtful words and my tone wasn’t always loving. This is not the wife and mother I wanted to be and I was often riddled with guilt after lashing out at my husband […]

30 Days of Soul Stirring Prayers for Wives and Moms | Promo Code


If you receive the weekly exclusive edition of my newsletter then you already know that last week was rough mentally and spiritually. I won’t talk about it again since many of you already read about it, but I will say that prayer is a powerful thing. It will bring you clarity, answers and resolution if […]