Things To Pray Over | Prayer Journal

Things To Pray Over | Prayer Journal

God really has had me in my feelings for a few months now. My spirit has been so unsettled about so many things, but I know this season is refining me into the women God wants me to be for what He has prepared for me.


He’s taking me through some situations that are tough, but good for me and prayer has been my saving grace. Knowing I can seek Him for strength to make it through or wisdom to know what to do gives me so much comfort.

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Honduras Mission Trip with Saidah from A Proverbs Wife

Honduras Mission Trip

In early October, my husband Germaine and I traveled to Honduras to serve a ministry based in Tegucigalpa. We were there for 7 days and in that time God moved on my heart in ways I could have never imagined.

I never thought I could fall in love with a group of children so quickly and have them impact my heart in ways I thought only my children could.

img_3444 Honduras Mission Trip

About a decade ago, God began calling my husband and I to do more with our time and resources. This was around the time we began working on become debt free. Since that time, God has taken us on a journey that’s involved sponsoring two children through Compassion Ministries, Supporting Operation Christmas Child every year, financially supporting missionaries, regularly donating and now sponsoring another sweet little boy through the Lamb Institute where we served in Honduras.

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10 Secrets To Being a Content Woman

10 Secrets for Being a Content Woman

I don’t sit here writing this list to mislead you into believing I’m always content. We all face struggles and have to decide how we are to handle them. We all get frustrated and suffer from disappointments in life, and relationships. This list is a gentle reminder for us to set a watch over our thoughts and feelings. It’s a reminder of how we can go about dealing with life’s challenges and not allowing them to steal our joy.

10 Secrets To Being a Content Woman

1. Don’t complain to others or about things. Complaining is a slippery slope that opens the door for Satan. Once you begin grumbling about things, next you’ll be grumbling about the Giver of all things. Use your energy to seek out the joy in all things. Take your concerns to God because He is the only one with the power to help you.

2. Don’t look at what other people have or what they are able to do and wish to be in their shoes. Coveting is a parasite that sucks the joy out of you. Coveting also says to God that you don’t think He knows what’s best for you. Coveting steals the joy you would be experiencing if you’d thank God for what you do have.

3. Always find something to be thankful for. Go as far as keeping a journal of things you are thankful for. Take a few minutes one or several times each day to add to your list. Reread your entries whenever your feel discontentment.

4. Always look for the good in your current situation. Don’t dwell on what could have been. Ask God to show you the lesson and the purpose in your current circumstances.

5. Stay in the present by focusing on what’s happening in your life today. Let God take care of your tomorrow.

6. Figure out what your purpose is and start operating in it. When we do what we were created to do we are able to perform at our fullest potential which results in the greatest return on our investment of time.

7. Learn the control your thoughts because what you think directly affects what you do.

8. Forgive people who have wronged you. When we hold grudges it will be hard to be content and at peace within ourselves. Forgiving is not for the benefit of the offender, it for the benefit of the offended. Forgive so that you can move on.

9. Accept things you can’t change. Dwelling on the shoulda, coulda, and woulda’s will keep you unhappy and living in the past. Forgive yourself or others for past choices. If the thing you can’t change is a present situation, ask God for peace and accept His will.

10. Have hope in God. He has a Biblical love letter full of glorious promises written just for you. Read His word daily to remind yourself of all the reasons why you should be content.

Ladies, we all struggle with letting situations steal our joy. What practices do you put in place to keep that from happening too often?

Guide to Creating Your Balanced Daily Plan

My Guide to Creating Your Balanced Daily Plan is part of a 3-part series to help you organize your day. I will teach you how to create a plan of devoting your time to the things that make you a happier women. The tips will help you being the process of mapping out days that will cultivate peace and joy in your life.Guide to Creating Your Balanced Daily Plan

Finding a specific strategy for balancing your time each day is super essential to every Proverbs 31 woman. We are easily helpers and can get caught up in doing things all day to help and wind up burned out.

Our innate nature to help is a wonderful gift from God but do you know that the enemy wants to pervert those gifts? If we are overwhelmed, upset, short tempered and not productive, we aren’t using our gift for the Lord. In fact, we’ve allowed the enemy to have a stronghold over our time, talents and possible our mind.

For a while now I’ve written about regaining peace in our lives because a lack of peace is a sign of fear. We are not designed to operate in fear, panic, anger, frustration and joylessness. In fact, the very opposite it true. Our days are (or at least should be) ordered by the Lord and if so, we should feel balanced and edited about it.

So how do we create a balanced daily strategy for our time and talents?

I’ve been writing and sharing my schedules with you since 2008, so you’ve see me go from managing my home with toddlers, to managing my home and homeschooling to managing my home, homeschooling and running a business, to managing my home and business.

Throughout these phases I’ve had to restructure my day to fit my current lifestyle. When it comes to creating a balanced daily strategy you must be flexible.

Early on I hated change. I love consistency and found myself irritated if things didn’t “go as planned”. I had to learn that my plans are subject to failure because life changes and from day to day it changes at a rapid pace. Being flexible with change is key to remaining balance. In fact, expecting things to change helps you better prepare for the possibility.

Proverbs Wife Tip #1 – Be Flexible

The next thing you need is to audit your life and see how you’re spending your days. Write down everything you do in a day for a week and evaluate if those things bring you joy and get you closer to the ultimate vision God has for your life.

Begin asking yourself these questions as you look over your list.

1. Is what you’re doing getting you closer to your family mission statement?

2. Is what you’re doing getting your closer to your financial goals?

3. Is what your doing getting you closer to the kind of relationships you want to have?

4. Is what you’re doing getting you closer to the home environment you desire?

Auditing how we spend our days and what we apply our efforts to is a Biblical principle found in Psalms 90:12 and Psalm 37:23. It is our duty to evaluate what we are doing with these lives God has given us and use them in a way that brings Him glory. When we do that it moves us closer to creating an internal peace and balance that can’t be disrupted by external situations.

Proverbs Wife Tip #2 – Audit Your Life

Now that you have an idea of how you spend your time I want to you to think about what activities are essential and most important to your growth in the following areas. Take each of your tasks and group the under on of the follow headings.

1.  Spirit

2. Body

3. Mind

4. Home

5. Family

6. Business/Work

Once you have everything written down it’s time to audit again. The goal this time is to eliminate busy work and things that don’t make you a better you.

So here what my list looks like.

Spirit: Bible reading, devotions, prayers

Body: meals, exercise, beauty/appearance, hygiene, water intake

Family: husband, kids

Home: meals, home maintenance, home improvement projects,

Mind: spanish lessons, reading, podcasts, blogging, vlogging

Business: blogging, vlogging, emails, pitching, social media content, traffic growth, content syndication, product development, newsletter, engagement/comments, accounting

Now that you have a better view of how you spend your time each day you’ll want to begin managing it better.


I will create another post in this series next Monday called  How to Manage Your Time & Organize Daily Activities where teach you how to managing the activities of your day on paper. Make sure you’re subscribed to my email newsletter and you’ll get the next post in this series delivered to you.


What is your biggest struggle with managing your time?



If you would like to receive prayer, please leave a comment below and we will pray over it. Also, please share your experiences or comments because we are all women of prayer and can encourage one another.

4 Ways to Discuss a Hot Topic Without Arguing

4 Ways to Discuss a Hot Topic Without ArguingThere is no magic pill we can take to ensure everything goes right in our day. In fact, things will probably go wrong just because we want them to go right. We can’t control every part of our day, but what we can control is us.

We get to decide how we respond to every situation that comes our way and God has equipped us with everything we need to handle those situations.

Just this morning I struggled with telling my husband something I wanted to do. I knew he wouldn’t agree with it so I avoided bringing it up. I didn’t want him to be frustrated and I didn’t want to become frustrated, but it was time to get it out in the open.

Before brining up the conversation I knew had the potential of escalating I declared a few things.

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