Frumpy2Fab Challenge #OOTD & #FOTD | February 24th, 2015

Frumpy2FabRemember the Frumpy to Fab challenge I hosted back in 2010? Well, I’m starting it again. A few of you requested I bring it back as a new video and I have.

Starting today, I will make a video of my look of the day. The goal is to look my best more days out of the week than not by being intentional about my beauty and fashion routine.

A few days out of the week I’ll be filming a LIVE video showing what I’m wearing on that day. Make sure you are subscribed to my YouTube channel so you’ll get a notification when the videos are published as I won’t post them all here on the blog. It’ll just be too time consuming.

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#Frumpy2Fab – Just Get Dressed!

Frumpy2Fab -2

I haven’t written much about fashion and beauty lately, but it’s really been on my mind a lot.

In many of my earlier Frumpy2Fab posts and challenges, I talked about looking great for your husband and children. I discussed how it benefits them, but only vaguely touched on how it benefits us as women.

God doesn’t ignore, cast by the wayside or neglect to address the issue of beauty and fashion in the Bible. Therefore, I don’t think we should either.

Frumpy2Fab - 4

Above all else I want to be clothed with majesty, strength, righteousness and the blood of Jesus (Psalm 93:1,132:9, Proverbs 31:21), because a woman of noble character is more important than any outfit I could ever put on.

That being said, I think what we physically put on or not put on is important too. I’m a stay-at-home, work-from home wife and mom. I don’t really have to get dressed, but I do.

I feel 100% better about myself. Those few minutes I spend either applying my makeup, fixing my hair, putting on accesories and getting dressed makes a marked difference in attitude and outlook.

There’s a huge difference between walking passed a mirror and seeing your hair standing on top of your head and dried drool on your face versus when you see yourself dressed and groomed.

Secondly, people judge others by their outward appearance. I get compliments on how I look on a regular basis. I don’t say that to be vain, because I could care less about people’s applause. My point is that women who take time to groom themselves and look presentable standout in a world where stereotypically, moms and wives “let themselves go” after marriage and having kids. I know first hand, having gone there myself for a little while. I later realized how I dressed was connected to how I felt and I was in the dumps because I was looking like a dump.

I’m very shy, introverted and socially awkward se please believe I don’t dress for attention. I do, however, dress my best because it does something good for my attitude.

If you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see, change it. Dust off that old makeup. Go through your closet and keep only the clothes that make you feel your best and start utilizing them.

Frumpy2Fab and Modesty

Don’t save your best stuff for a special occasion, everyday you wake up and have breath to breath is a special occasion. If it’s the middle of the week and you feel down, that’s the day to go all out. Throw on your summer dress, makeup and pin your hair up as if your going on a date.

It’s amazing how a little thing like this can cultivate a positive attitude.


Are Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kits at Walgreens Worth the Money? | #IHeartMyNailArt

Cbias Disclosure

Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit Blog

You already know I do my manis and pedis at home following my Easy 5 Step Manicure tutorial. I do my own because it’s cheaper than going to the salon and I get a lot of joy out of pampering my hands once a week.

So one week when I shared a picture of the results on my facebook wall and instagram feed an APW reader named Christian  left me a comment on this manicure photo recommending  I try the gel nail kit.

I did a little research and saw the Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit at Walgreens I wanted to try.

Although I have a Walgreens 5 minutes from my house I heard there was a Walgreens in Greenville that had a nail bar.

The nail bar is basically a section of  Walgreens dedicated to serving the needs of the nail enamel enthusiast by providing a nail salon type atmosphere and one-on-one attention.

Sally Hansen Nail Bar in store

Since my husband drives that way to work I decided to ride with him to check out the hip new nail bar.

Gel nails are supposed to last two weeks before chipping whereas my regular polish lasts about five days. It’ll be great if using gel nail polish increases the time between nail polish reapplications.

In addition to the nail kit I bought some nail stickers to add a second layer of design to this week manicure.

Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit 017

I’m going to show you how easy it is to apply the gel manicure plus show you the final result with the nail stickers.

Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit 020

Step 1: Apply top coat and then cure under the LED light for 30 seconds. The light has an automatic timer so there’s no need to count.

Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit 021

Step 2: Apply color. I used “shell we dance” which is that light pink color you’d normally use for a french manicure. After applying your color, cure under the LED light for 30 seconds.

 Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit 022

Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit 021

Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit 014

This is what my nails looked like after applying the base coat and just one coat of nail enamel.

Now it’s time to repeat step to by applying another coat of color and curing the nails under the LED light.

Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit 022

Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit 021

Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit 015

Here are my results so far.

Step 3: Now add a top coat, cure for 30 seconds, then wipe the nails clean using a nail cleanser pads.

    Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit 023

Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit 021

Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit 024

Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit 025

Once my nails were done I added some detail to my nails which was inspired by what I am seeing in my flower garden this week.

Garden Update 003

Some pink and purple Gladiolus has bloomed as well as orange Asiatic Lilies. Just by looking out of my window I’m inspired by the colors in my garden.

Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit 026

Using a tiny paint brush I created white geometric shapes on my nails. To get crisper lines you can tape of the area where you want the white to show up or use a nail enamel pen.Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit 028

I allowed the white nail polish to dry a few minutes before applying the flower details which are tiny stickers and very easy to apply.

Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit 030


(See more nail art inspiration at

Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit 031

After applying the stickers, I added a clear top coat to keep the stickers from peeling off.

Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit 032

After applying the Sally Hansen Gel Nail polish I can already tell the difference in the thickness of this enamel.

Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit 033

It reminds me of acrylic nails. There are three drawbacks associated with using the Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit.

1. The LED light was hot enough to cause a burning sensation on my nails. This was very uncomfortable and will deter me from applying the gel manicure as often as I would if there was no burning.

2. The drying time was much longer than when using traditional nail enamel. It took my nails a couple of hours to fully dry without showing signs of smudging. I did a combination of air drying and holding them under a cool fan.

3. The upfront cost is pretty steep but If you’re already spending $20+ dollars every two weeks on manicures this is a less expensive alternative.

I paid $59.99 by using my Walgreens Balance Rewards card but the Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit price will drop to $39.99 the week of 7/14 if you order online.

Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit 035

Overall, I love the ability to apply salon like looks at home and if my polish last for anywhere close to 14 days I’ll definitely be adding more gel polish colors to my nail rotation.

Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit 036

According to the wording on the Sally Hansen Gel nail kits, I can get 10 applications.

Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit 004

That’s $6 per application which is about $34 cheaper than what you’d pay at the nail salon for gel nails.


Elegant Rush Bracelets From Zulily: Accessory Blowout Sale

Rush pink bracelet

Originally $36.00 now $9.99

I was scrolling through Zulily and noticed they have some really accessories for the summer. I love the color choices that they have also. Their prices start at $9.99 which is not bad for cute jewelry. Here are some pictures of the bracelets that I was fond of, but they have plenty more choices that you can check out yourself HERE!

Rush Gold and Orange Bracelet

Originally $68.oo now $15.99

rush gold and green bracelet

Originally $68.00 now $15.99

rush black bracelet

Originally $36.00 now $9.99

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Wedding Wear 008

A few weeks ago Germaine and I went to Baltimore for a wedding and I let him dress me.

I was going to wear something just as nice as he’d chosen but I’m glad I listened to him.

One lady at the wedding had a similar patterned dress to a summer dress I own and although I didn’t plan to wear it at the wedding I would have been uncomfortable having on a similar dress to someone else.

This wedding was held outdoors at the Baltimore Rowing Club. The weather was beautiful and the dress Germaine suggested was perfect.

This was my first outdoor Summer wedding and I want to share some tips I learned about what to wear to a summer wedding.

Wedding Wear 001

Should You Choose a Formal or Casual Dress?

I was going to wear a beautiful summer dress style perfect for women over 30 but my husband urged me to go with a more formal look.

I’m so glad I did. I think many of the women at the wedding were thinking what I was thinking.

It’s summer.

The wedding is outdoors.

It’s going to be hot.

It only made sense to me to wear something with bold bright summer colors…

Weekened Planning 001

or a floral print but when I arrived I knew I’d made the right choice.

Weekened Planning 002

It was 92° the afternoon of the wedding and although I sweated during the ceremony along with everyone else, the material and color of my dress showed no evidence of it.

Because of the sleeveless cut there was no sign of underarm pit wetness and no sign of the big wet sweat stain that showed up on the back of some of the lighter colored dresses.

Wedding Wear 003

Should You Wear Heels or Flats?

I decided to wear heels because my husband wanted me to. He says I have great legs and thinks heels are what grown women wear.

Every part of me wanted to wear the summery dress and cute bling-ed out sandals. I even had the outfits all picked out as I showed you above.

Even though my heels sunk into the grass as Germaine and I chatted with other guest before the wedding I didn’t regret my choice. Heels make me stand up tall and walk slower. On top of that, they looked great with this dress.  Wedding Wear 004

What kind of purse?

I always go small on purses when going to a wedding. There is only so much space at the guest table and I hate putting my purse on the floor.

It’s easier to forget it when it’s time to go. Out of sight, out of mind right?!?

I chose to wear the Coach wristlet I got super cheap which is way smaller than a pocketbook and even smaller than a clutch.


A wristlet is about the size of an iPhone and can hold everything you need for the wedding. Mine held my iPhone, debit card, hotel key, lipgloss and 2 pieces or chewing gum.

We had an amazing time at the wedding. I felt very comfortable in what I wore and felt like my outfit complimented my husbands very well.

I hope this post has given you some ideas on what to wear to a Summer wedding. Would you have gone with the floral print or bold color instead of the black dress?

3 Summer Style Tips for Women | Bold, Bright & Bling

Weekened Planning 005

Germaine and I were preparing for a weekend away and I was super excited to have him to myself.

I decided to pack some extra pretty stuff using the fashion tips I had be hoarding from my fashionista buddy Julie.

This girl is so fly…I tell ya. Not many people I know personally inspire my fashion senses but Julie is fly as all get out!!

When ever we get together we talk about parenting, how awesome God is and fashion.

Here are some of the tips I’ve gleaned from her over the last few weeks.

Summer Style Tips for Women | Bold, Bright & Bling

sidebar divider right

Bling out everything including your feet!!

I never thought about bringing the bling to my feet. I love sparkles but I’m not into the sparkly platform heels that have been all the rage this summer and that doesn’t change just because some shoe designer paints the bottoms red.

But when Julie suggested flip flops with bling I was sold. In fact, in order for me to wear flip flops they have to have some sort of details that makes they look like grown up sandal and bling does just that.

Weekened Planning 001

Bold, Bright Colors!!

Julie and I also talked about bold colors and I knew I wanted to bring more color into my wardrobe.

I started last year and this year have added a few more colors. If you are a frugal shopper like me who wants to add new colors to your wardrobe on a shoestring budget you’ll want to keep an eye on the selection at Goodwill.

I’ve found some snazzy pieces with the tags still on them all for under $5!!  Weekened Planning 002

Name Brand for Less!!

I am super frugal and still working on becoming debt free but still find ways to add quality pieces to my wardrobe on a frugal budget.


Each time we hit a financial milestone we treat ourselves to something nice. The last milestone was fully funding our emergency fund and Germaine bought me two Coach bags — one for my birthday in February 2012 and one for Valentines Day.

We do not pay full price for name brand items. We shop out of season, Goodwill (well I shop Goodwill — Germaine is having none of it) and we shop outlet stores like the Coach outlet (invite link).

I have really enjoyed putting Julie’s tips to use in my wardrobe and I hope they have inspired you to do something new with your wardrobe.

Which of these fashion tips inspire you to do something new with your wardrobe? What tips would you add?