Funding My Savings for 2012 — Our March Financial Impact and Vacation Savings Update!!

I'm so glad it's April ya'll!! I love the start of new months. At the start of every month Mr. P and I sit down and tally up our finances, make monthly goals and talk about the vision for our family. During the process we make sure to include the kids. This allows us to teach them about managing finances and also allows them to have a role in helping our family reach it's financial goals. My oldest son (11 years old),  is in charge of tracking our NYC vacation fund. After Mr. P and I tally up what we've added to the vacation savings account my son calculates the percentage saved to date. We track it on a spending goals sheet I printed off the internet. The sheet is kept on the refrigerator and helps remind us of why we have put other family activities on hold until the vacation is fully funded. It also makes us joyful to see our progress. My daughter (9 years old), is my little artist. She's the child who colors inside the lines, so we have her fill in our vacation … [Continue reading...]