South Carolina Vegetable & Flower Garden Tour

Today I'm taking you on another tour of my garden. Germaine and I flew to Maryland a few weeks ago and was able to spend some quality time together. While we were gone I didn't want to bother my mother with watering the recently laid sod twice a day on top of keeping the kids for us so I prayed and asked God to send some rain. It didn't rain when we were gone but the afternoon we got back the rain came pouring down. My gardens showed how grateful they were by the new show of blooms. I could save the best for last but I love these Asiatic Lilies so much I have to talk about them first. I have two mature plants near my back door and recently added two more to another part of my garden which I'll show you in a second. A few feet from my Asiatic Liliy is Yarrow a medicinal plant I germinated years ago to help with my daughters menstrual cramps. Yarrow tea is made using the leaves of the plant but they create pretty white flowers as well. Earlier this year I added a … [Continue reading...]