Gardening with Kids with Purpose

This is the season where most families are finding things outdoors to do and taking the time to enjoy the spring air.   After a long winter (if you live up North) it's a great time to get the kids outside and do a garden or start planting flowers! A wonderful and cheap way to do a project with your children is planting seeds (but with a purpose in mind)!   Go to your local Walmart or even dollar store and for a few bucks you can pick up some supplies like: planting trays potting soil little shovels seeds watering can fertilizer After you pick up supplies, pick a nice sunny day and gather the children to make a gardening project with a purpose.     How do I do gardening with purpose?  What does that mean? Here are a few examples of how to garden with a purpose: Simply....take the moments while filling in the dirt and adding the seeds to teach your children about the parable of the sower in Matthew 13:1-23.   As you are planting talk to … [Continue reading...]