5 Ways to Avoid Conflict Over Money

5 Ways to Avoid Conflict Over Money

One of the greatest strains on a marriage can often stem from finances. Our relationship with money is very personal, how we spend, budget, save and earn can usually be connected to how we were raised.

For a long time, my relationship with money was based off fear and lack. For that reason I tried to control our finances.

Managing money from a place of fear will bring about strife in the relationship just as careless financial management will.

The place where Germaine and I are now is a good place. We work together to manage our fiscal resources and rarely, if ever disagree about the management of our money.

Our journey began in 2008 and since then I’ve written five specific posts that sum up the changes that took place.

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Creating a Basic Meal Plan

Creating a Basic Meal Plan

Would you like to know the secret to the easiest basic meal plan I know?

I’ve been planning my families meals since 2008 and have learned a huge secret that has saved me so much time in the kitchen.

This one simple practice has ensured I don’t lose my sanity preparing multiple meals each week and it’s also helped me reduce the amount of time I spend cooking.

In this video, I walk you through

  • my method of planning meals.

  • what’s on my menu this week.

  • what cooking technique I follow to cut my cooking time.

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How I Organize & Plan DIY Projects

How to Oraganize & Plan out DIY Projects

Do you get overwhelmed with the thought of starting a DIY project around the house?

If you have children you may be familiar with handprints on walls that are in desperate need of repainting or even a carpet that’s long overdue for change.

The thought of starting a project on top of everything else you have to do can be overwhleming.

I face the same struggles you do, but today I’ll show you how I stopped making excuses and started falling in love with my home again, one DIY project at a time.

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4 Items To Always Buy from Goodwill | Especially numbers 1 and 2

4 items to always buy from Goodwill

I’ve been to the Goodwill twice this week and got my hands on some really nice things which I shared some sneak peeks of on Instagram and then in detail on my other blog Aprons and Stilletos

When shopping at the Goodwill I always go with an open mind because I never know what I’ll find. I also go with an idea of items I want and need for my home and get very excited when I spot something that will fit the bill.

This week I was especially looking for items in four specific categories. With the change of season having just occurred, many people are, like myself, Spring cleaning which means they are also purging.

Many people and companies are purging out items that are still in good or excellent condition. Here are the categories I was on the lookout for.

1. Last Seasons Footwear

I’ll bet you didn’t know Target donates some of their unsold merchandise to the Goodwill. I always stop by the shoe section of my local Goodwill looking for brand new shoes. I spotted several styles and bought a pair that had been on my “want” list for a few months now.


I’ll share my finds and purchase wi

th you in a separate post.

2. Home decor

Many people are tired of the decor they’ve had for  awhile so they’ll be donating it to the Goodwill.

Goodwill - 7

Now’s a great time to be on the lookout for gently used and new items. While at the Goodwill I ran across a lot of nice pieces as well as many new pieces from the Target Threshold line that were brand new…because like I said — Target donates new unsold items to Goodwill.

3. Storage containers

You can always find storage containers at the Goodwill. These include vases, and all shapes, sizes and color containers. Containers can be used to hold anything you want to put in them. Smaller container can help keep larger areas organized and clutter free while larger containers like lidded baskets can hold extra pillows and throws.

4. Furniture

I just picked up some amazing pieces of campaign furniture which I plan to update and share with you soon. The two pieces that were in excellent and good condition.


If you’re looking for furniture pieces to repurpose or DIY, you’ll definitely want to stop by the Goodwill.

No be sure to take a look at what I bought on my recent trip to Goodwill.





Is Your To Do List Moving You Closer or Further Away from God?

Is Your To-Do List Moving You Closer or Further Away from God?

Here’s some top secret 411.

Each morning I start the day by asking God to order my steps.

I’m the queen of to d0 list making and planning but over the years I’ve have learned how easy it is to get caught up doing busy work in lieu of HIS work.

I don’t want to chase after goals and check off to do list unless they are absolutely in alignment with the plans God has for me.

Because what’s the sense in having crossed everything off my to-do lists yet not be any closer to where God wants me to be as a Christian?!?

God is daily getting my life together.

How about yours?

12 Frugal Ideas That Will Inspire You to Get Organized at Home

12 Frugal Ideas That Will Inspire You to Get Organized at Home

I spent the better part of last year organizing my home inside and out. I shared most of what I did here on the blog, however since some of you are new you might have missed it.

To kick off this month I thought it would be great to provide you with 12 Frugal Ideas That Will Inspire You to Get Organized at Home.

Here were some of my favorite and useful organization projects.

1. How to Organize Laundry Baskets with Labels

2. How to Organize Your Bills and Budget

3. Organizing a Small Bathroom

4. How to Organize Home Office Files

5. How to Organize Dresser Drawers Super Cheap

6. How I Plan My Lunches (SAHM) Version

7. How to Organize Your Receipts

8. How to Organize Kids School Papers

9. How to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets Using $1 Store Containers

10. How to Organize Your Deep Freezer Using $1 Store Containers

11. How to Organize Your Medicine Cabinet Using $1 Store Containers

12. How to Organize Pocketbooks



Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Use a Duvet Cover

Top 7 Reason Why You Should Use a Duvet Cover - AProverbsWife.com


If your like me you’ve probably heard of a duvet and thought….must be a fancy name for a comforter.

In fact…if your really anything like me you were thinking it was French for “comforter”.

Well I was halfway right. The word “duvet” is French but it means “down” as in down comforter.

So what is a duvet cover?

A duvet cover is like a giant pillowcase for your down comforter.

Bedding 468Frugal Bedding Option 014

Duvet covers  either have a button or zipper enclosure on the bottom or top of the cover to hold the comforter in place.

This I did not know until I bought one a few weeks ago.

I thought for $29 on clearance I was getting a fabulous deal on a King duvet comforter.

My initial thought was that the packaging seemed small to have a comforter inside but I was blinded by the deal.

Fortunately for me I fell in love with what I found inside of the package, here’s why.

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Use a Duvet Cover

1. Duvet covers allow you to change the whole look of your bedroom and you already know how I feel about a neat bedroom.

Bedding 468Frugal Bedding Option 012

2. Duvet covers can be purchased less expensively than buying a new comforter since there is no batting or fill in a duvet cover.

3. Duvet covers are light weight making them easier to clean than a comforter!

Most duvet covers are machine washable, and can be thrown in with your regular laundry. A comforter is generally not recommended for a washer, and are usually dry clean only.

Ikea Duvet

4. Duvet covers protect your down comforter from stains.

5. Duvet covers are used in many of the nicer hotels.

6. Duvet covers are easy to use and slide on top of your existing comforter like a large pillowcase.

Bedding 468Frugal Bedding Option 015

7. Duvet covers are easy to store and take up less space than a traditional comforter. They can also be folded and put away just as quickly as a sheet.