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How I Organize My Weekly Cash Budget

If you’ve been following my blog A Proverbs Wife here or on social media for at least a year, you already know my family’s personal goal regarding debt. One of the ways we have managed to organize our finances and pay off all of our debt except the mortgage has been by using a cash based system. A cash based system simply means, we pay cash for everything we can. Most of our bills are paid via mail or online, but there are several spending categories which we can pay using cash. In today’s video, you’ll learn how I manage

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Organizing Your Bills

I must say that my husband and I have a great system for organizing our bills. From the way we used to argue about how to manage the finances I could never have imagined we’d be on the same page using the same system. Early in our marriage I tried all kinds of elaborate systems especially those that included spreadsheets and programs but my husband hated them. He felt they were too time consuming and didn’t like having to boot up the computer every time we needed to manage our finances. As I learned more about his style I came

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How to Organize your Bills and Budget

I was going through my budget binder this morning and thought about you all. I can remember clearly our decision to become a one income family and all the effort that went into making it a reality. One of the things that really helped us make the transition was getting a clear picture of our finances. One of the first things I had to do as a stay at home wife was learn how to budget one income. We were a two income family now living on one income so some changes had to made. The first thing I addressed

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10 Tips on How to Have a Clean Kitchen and Dining Room

We try not to leave dirty dishes in the sinks over night because I don’t want to create an environment for creepy crawly critters. Our goal is to have everything in the kitchen and dining room cleaned up and clutter free before we go to bed. Ending the night with a clean kitchen and dining room makes mornings run much easier in our home. No one likes waking up to prepare their breakfast only to have to wash the dishes need to prepare it before they can get started. Here are 10 tips on how we maintain a clean kitchen

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