How to Shop at the Goodwill

Do you shop at Goodwill? If not you may be missing out.

How to Shop at the Goodwill

I know that some Goodwill stores are not very organized but we happen to have a very neat one in my area and I find lot’s of nice things for my home and family there.

In fact, here are some of the things I picked up recently.

What’s the best things you’ve ever scored at a yard sale, flea market, thrift or second hand store?

Collage Wall Ideas

If you follow me on Instagram you already know that I found this really really pretty mirror at TJ Maxx and was able to bargain for a discount on the price since there was a small chip on two of the mirrors.


I was looking for a large round mirror for my dining or living room. Since both areas are connected by one long wall a large accent piece will help break up the space.

I wasn’t able to find any bargains on the size I was looking for so I decided to use this smaller mirror and improvise with a collage for the time being.

I grabbed some Krylon spray paint primer and Krylon White spray paint in a gloss finish and sprayed three frames.

After letting them dry, I tested out a few arrangements on the carpet  to get a feel for how I wanted to display the collage.

Collage Wall Ideas

Photo Collage

Photo Collage -

Photo Collage Idea -

Photo Collage Idea 2 -

This is the arrangement that felt right to me.

Photo Collage

I plan to add more frames to create a larger collage. When people visit they love looking at pictures of our family.

Photo Collage Ideas 3 - A Proverbs

This is our dining room and one of the main areas people congregate so having a collage here will be a great source of conversation.


I am enjoying the new layout in my dining room and am pleased with how frugally we’ve been able to implement the current updates.

To see more projects I’m working on or have completed check out my DIY and How-To categories.

How to Paint Vinyl or Laminate Floors

How to Paint Vinyl or Laminate Floors

I spent yesterday and today updating my master bath. We’d never finished the floating bathroom shelf after they started to sag. 🙁

When I do a do it yourself project that doesn’t turn out the way I’d hoped I usually leave it undone until I can find a solution. So after a whole year I finally reinforced the shelf and added a second shelf which I’ll share pictures of soon.

If you follow me on Instagram (<—— which you should so go ahead and get that out of the way) you will have already seen some sneak peaks.

DIY shelves

So after fixing and styling the shelves I thought I’d be content with the update but noooooo!

Having such great looking shelves only made the floor and baseboards look worse. We intend to get hardwood in the master bath in a dark maple but in the meantime I needed to do something to update this hideous floor.

I woke up this morning wondering if I could paint it so I googled it to see if anyone else had done it. I found a few people who had so I took the plunge.

painted floor 005

I had everything I needed on hand.

I used:

How to Paint Vinyl or Laminate Floors

What I Did:

  1. The first thing I did was sand the floor which took about 10 minutes.

  2. The next step was to clean the floor using the TSP and water. I cleaned once and rinsed 3 times.

  3. After thoroughly cleaning the floor I would have taped of the base boards but I am repainting those too so I didn’t worry about getting paint on them.

  4. Using the foam craft paint brushes I painted the entire perimeter of the room to about a 2 inch depth.

    In other words, your perimeter paint only has to be about 2 inches wide since you’ll fill in the rest of the floor paint with the roller.

  5. Next I poured some paint on the floor and started rolling in out with the large roller.

  6. After everything was covered I let it dry for 2 hours and applied a second coat.

I already had this cute rug I knew would look great in here. It has my wall paint color in it and I just love the pops of pink and red. It remind me of the colors in my garden so I knew they’d work well in here.

threshold rug

It took about an hour to apply both coats of paint and four hours of drying time. My floors were usable by mid afternoon. I plan to apply a coat of polyurethane once I’m done painting the base boards.

painted floor 008

I am so happy with the way the floors turned out and it also gives me an idea of how great the dark wood will look in here once it’s installed.

DIY Upholstered Headboard Tutorial


It’s been months since our lower level flooded and Germaine and I have been working on small, medium and large projects every weekend trying to get things put back together.

We took a break from working on the den to complete a bedroom project. Our bedroom used to serve as our homeschool room and stockpile storage but is in the process of becoming our master bedroom suite.

The first thing we had to do for this master bedroom makeover is clear everything out and re-paint the walls. They were a dark gray which was our first experience with paint and I must say, it was a bad color choice.

Once the walls were painted, we turned our focus to creating an upholstered headboard. I loved this project so much that I made one for every bed in the house.

For the base I used plywood or scrap wood from previous projects cut down to each bed dimension.


For my king size bed headboard, I made it 74 x 32 and attached it to two 1 x 4’s.

I ended up adding three more one by fours for support because one of the outer legs actually broke while I was trying to reposition this humungous headboard by myself.


The pictures above are of my king size headboard but I will show you my upholstered headboard tutorial using my kids’ twin bed as an example.

For their headboards, instead of buying plywood I re-purposed an old bi-fold closet door. I cut it down to the size I wanted using a circular saw and was able to create two twin size headboard out of one door panel.


I used some 2 x 4’s I already had from a previous project for the headboard legs and attached everything with wood screws.


This is how the kids headboards have looked for several weeks while I searched around for inexpensive but quality fabric.


Yes…family members jokingly commented about my closet door headboards because they couldn’t envision what the final project would look like.


All they could see where old doors cut in half and mounted on sticks but once I found some fabric I was able to finish this project!

To add some back support and cushion to the headboard I attached a layer of 1 inch thick foam board that I found at Lowes on the insulation aisle for $10 per pack!


It comes in packs of 2 and is easy to cut to size using a knife.




I used two pieces to cover the headboard and hot glued them in place.

I do that so they aren’t shifting around when I get ready to add my fabric.




The next step is to add some cushion. I think I bought two twin Mainstays 1.25″ Convoluted Foam Topper from Walmart for around $10 and that was enough to cover three beds.


After adding the foam topper I cut to fit a piece of cotton batting to add an extra layer of plush.


To cover the headboard, I used a thick cotton curtain panel I found on clearance at Target.

This probably won’t be the final fabric choice but since it was priced right and matched my daughter’s bedroom colors it worked.

For my sons headboard I used a solid brown heavy tablecloth found on clearance at Target as well.


The easiest way I’ve found to get everything sandwiched and positioned just right is to lay the fabric on the floor, top with the batting, then lay the frame on top.


After that I begin attaching the fabric to the wood using a staple gun. I used the Stanley light duty staple gun to attach my fabric.

Since this was my first attempt at making an upholstered headboard, I wanted to keep the cost of fabric as low as possible.

For my headboard I used canvas drop cloth. It’s sold at Walmart in the paint section and is normally used to protect surfaces during for paint projects. It’s a very sturdy fabric and you get a lot for the $10 price tag.


For my daughters headboard, I used a striped curtain panel found on clearance at Target.




For my youngest son’s headboard, I used a brown tablecloth found on clearance at Target.



Not only was this project fun, it was much cheaper than buying three headboards. Each headboard cost about $50 or less to make. Check out the cost breakdown.

Daughters twin headboard:

Fabric = $6

Padding = $10

Batting = $12

Foam = $10

Bi-Fold closet doors = $0 (already owned)

Son’s twin headboard

Fabric = $6

Padding = $0 (used 1/2 from daughters project)

Batting = $0 (used 1/2 from daughters project)

Foam = $10 (used 1/2 from daughters project)

Bi-Fold closet doors = $0 (used 1/2 from daughters project)

My king headboard

Fabric = $10

Padding = $10

Batting = $12

Foam = $10

Wood = $30

Total Cost= $116.00

It feels great to cross this project off my list.

Nail Tutorial: Solid Polish with *BONUS* Flower Cover-up

Nail Tutorial: Solid Polish with *BONUS* Flower Cover-up

Are you new to painting your nails? Maybe you used to get them done at a salon and are trying to save some money. Maybe you just have never had the time or desire to paint your own nails before. Either way, you are at the right place! Today I am showing you how to paint your nails a single, solid color.

Nail Tutorial: Solid Polish with *BONUS* Flower Cover-up

First step, pick out your color of choice. Today I chose a cheerful, bright yellow.

Nail Tutorial: Solid Polish with *BONUS* Flower Cover-up

Start by painting a fat line down the middle of your nail. Make sure you have enough polish on the brush. If you have to dip it again, sometimes that can lead to streaks or uneven paint.

Nail Tutorial: Solid Polish with *BONUS* Flower Cover-up

Next paint one side of your nail from the cuticle to the edge.

Nail Tutorial: Solid Polish with *BONUS* Flower Cover-up

Then paint the remaining side of the nail. Repeat these steps until all nails have received one full coat of polish. Let dry for about a minute, and then apply a second coat in the same manner. This is an important step. It not only makes your paint color more saturated, but it also helps your nail polish to last longer.


If you finish your second coat and realize you have a small smudge or bubble, don’t worry! I had one on my thumb, but this little trick here saves you time and adds a cute detail to your nails. With a different color of polish, gently dab the tip of the brush to make five dots in a circle.

Then choose one last color and gently dab a dot in the middle of those circles. Voila! You now have a cute little flower completely covering up the mess-up, smudge, or bubble. If you really wanted to you could remove the polish from that one finger and reapply, but I think this step is easier, quicker, and adds a unique touch to the nail. The last and final step is to apply a single coat of clear top-coat to your nails. Then you’re done!

Nail Tutorial: Solid Polish with *BONUS* Flower Cover-up

Simple, quick, and easy! Now you’re ready to enjoy your beautiful nails.


About the Author:

Megan Bio

Nail Design Tutorial: Colorful Tips

Nail DesignTutorial: Colorful Tips

Let me start off by saying, I am not a professional! I simply enjoy having nails that look nice without having to pay to go to a nail salon. As a momma, I don’t always have the time or the money to do that so I love working with what I have around the house.

For years, I bit my nails. It was my biggest bad habit. If I was nervous, I bit my nails. If I was studying, I bit my nails, and I don’t just mean little nibbles here, ladies. It was so bad that I would bite them down until they would bleed and then be sore for days. It was a nasty habit. Well, it seems I have finally broken that habit, and to celebrate, I wanted to paint my nails in a way that showed just how much they had grown!

So today, we are learning a homemaker’s version of colorful tips.

Nail Design Tutorial: Colorful Tips

First start with your color of choice. I chose a pretty light blue with a bit of green in it. The other item you will need, unless you have an extremely steady hand, unlike me, is tape. Regular old scotch tape from the dollar store will do. Remember, we are using what we have around the house. Don’t have tape? What about bandaids? Or stickers? Hole protectors? I could probably figure out how to use plastic wrap and a rubber band if needed, but that is a bit of work! The point is you need something to protect your skin under and around your nail from the inevitable extra polish. So here is what I did…


I tucked the tape under the free-edge of my nail and wrapped it around behind my finger. This way it protected my finger from the polish as I don’t have very steady hands… especially when I use my non-dominant hand to paint. Wrap the tape for all fingers on one hand that way you can quickly go from nail to nail.


Next, starting on whichever side seems most comfortable, slowly paint following the free-edge along the top of your nail. If you mess-up a little you can always go back with a Q-tip and nail polish remover to clean it up. The tape should catch any excess paint. Remove the tape from each finger as soon as you are done before it dries.

Nail DesignTutorial: Colorful Tips

If you have a translucent polish, like glitter or a french manicure style pink, after the tips have dried, you can apply a single coat over the entire nail to really bring the look together.

Nail DesignTutorial: Colorful Tips

The last step is to apply a top coat. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this particular one because it dries really fast. As a momma of two little boys, this is super important if I want my nails to stay looking nice! The top coat also keeps your nails looking nice for a longer period of time without chipping. Apply one coat over each entire nail, and as soon as it dries, you are done!

Nail DesignTutorial: Colorful Tips

Beautiful, cute, and affordable nails done at home. Enjoy!

A Proverbs Wife Homemaking + DIY Projects


My husband and I have been busy working on DIY projects around the house and wanted to share some we’ve recently completed. We are in the process of completely updating our home (on a budget and completely debt free). I hate debt and have no intention of accumulating any during this renovation.

One of the things I’ve wanted for months has been these way cute light fixtures from Ikea but would have to drive four hours there and back to get them.



I mentioned my love of them to my husband for months and he wouldn’t bite. He couldn’t see the sense in driving two hour to Charlotte to get my light fixtures.

But lo and behold, I found the second one plus the one hanging in my bedroom in the picture below at Lowes. Now there are two of these beauties hanging in my master bedroom.


Another area of my bedroom that I focused on was storage. My husband and I were using baskets and on 5 drawer dresser for some of our clothes. I wanted a larger dresser but at a frugal price. I’d been scouring Craigslist and cam across this Stanley furniture dresser with two larger mirrors on Craigslist for $30!


I’d love to paint the dresser in a Chartreuse using the technique Melissa from Number2Pencil used but my husband is not sold on painting or removing the drawers  a perfectly fine dresser.


If you look at her dresser, it looks very similar to mine. Melissa’s was the inspiration for me waiting months to finally find one I liked on Craigslist.

Another things I did around the house was try my hand at spray painting instead hand painting. So many DIY’ers have been talking about the amount of time they save using spray paint and how spray paint leaves a smoother finish so I decided to give it a try.

I took a few old items that were in desperate need of some TLC.




I didn’t follow the instructions but tried to be cheap and skip the primer step. Well, the finish was not very pretty. You may not be able to tell, but some of the original color still shows through the paint.



Overall, I was happy with the quick trial and error session with spray paint.


The next thing I tried, was painting glass. I changed the dollar store vase in the picture below from clear to white by filling it with paint, emptying it and allowing it to dry.


As you know, our den flooded around 2011 and it’s been an eye sore ever since. We finally began working on it in December and had just  finished painting the walls and all of the trim.

I was so pleased with the outcome and next up was purchasing and installing the hardwood.

We planned to buy it in April but just recently found a leak behind the walls I’d just painted so my newly painted den turned into to semi demolition project.






 We had to pull off the existing sheet rock and seal the concrete wall with hydraulic cement. It was fairly simple but not the sheet rock and insulation must be replaced =$$$ 🙁

In the meantime, I decided to turn me focus back to my master bedroom and created some decorative  pillows and an upholstered headboard.


Master Bedroom DIY Headboard

The headboard was a really inexpensive project so I duplicated it in my children’s bedroom using different fabrics. I hope you are inspired to tackle some do-it-yourself projects this month.

If you’d like to take pictures and share your projects with APW readers, simply contact me.