Best Lemon Apple Juice Recipe Ever!

Best Lemon Apple Juice Ever

If you have been following me on instagram you’ve seen me share pictures of my juicing and clean eating recipes. In an effort to live healthy and take care of my body, it only makes sense to cut back on fried and sugary foods. Eating unhealthier foods in conjunction with working out haven’t been bringing […]

Juicing: Pre-Workout Zucchini Citrus Zinger


I drink this Zucchini Citrus Zinger before working out. It packs a lot of tartness so you may want to peel your citrus fruit before adding them to your juicer. Pre-Workout Zucchini Citrus Zinger Ingredients 1/2 cucumber 1/2 zucchini 1/2 lemon 1 orange 1/8 purple cabbage 1 (sweet) apple Instructions: 1. Place your ingredients in […]