DIY Yard Renovation Ideas & Cost

We started this Spring with a big family cookout. My daughter, her family, my Mother & Father in law, sister in laws, nephews, my grandson, my mom, my husband and children were all here. The house was packed there was lots if food, love and laughter. This was the first cookout of the year before Germaine and I started working on some major outdoor projects to make our yard more hospitality friendly. This is going to be a quasi long post with a barrage of photos do grab a cup of coffee and sit tight. I want to walk you through the process not do much for your benefit but for mine. I need a way to remember this year because so far the last eight or do weeks has been a blur. I have been working on a three month sponsored project, training my blog team and still blogging and being active on social media. On top of that I do have a life outside of the Internet. I have been consistent at working out 4-5 days a week, fellowshipping with another family once a week and becoming … [Continue reading...]