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12 Ways to Wow Your Husband at the End of the Day

I started writing this blog for myself and my daughters. I wanted them to be able to look back and have an idea of what I believed it meant to be a wife and mom. The goal of this site is to encourage, inspire and ignite their passion for Biblical womanhood and part of that includes nurturing the romance between husband and wife. I have an ongoing list in my mind of things I do to demonstrate my love and affection for my husband. Part of that list specifically deals with what I can do to wow him at the end of

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Your Encouragement May Be What He Needs

I truly believe that we are either building our husbands up or tearing them down. Encouraging or discouraging. Tearing them down can come in the form of a snide remark and building them up can be something as simple as saying, “I trust you” when there’s a decision to be made. It’s important for me to encourage my husband. It helps build his character, his faith and his confidence. Now please don’t get it twisted…Germaine was going to be a great guy with or without me as long as he had Christ in his life. This I know, but he’s

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7 Ways to Stay Committed to Your Marriage During Hard Times

1. Keep an ongoing list in a journal of what you love about your husband. This will help when your marriage is going through a rough patch and even if you both have a disagreement. The list of things you love about him will help you take your focus off a hopefully temporary situation and help you focus on why you love him. 2. Step back a minute and think through the situation. Ask yourself, is this worth fighting for or being upset about. Next pray and ask God to change your angry feelings about the situation. 3. Pray for

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Man of Your Dreams

My husband Germaine means the world too me and I try to remind him of that in some small way each day. Marriage is a ministry for us. It’s the frontline of our faith and where we truly are able to demonstrate our Christ-likeness to one another. It’s the second most important relationship we cultivate each day. To ensure we are strengthening our marriage we actively seek out opportunities to show one another how much they are appreciated. Do you make a conscience decision to show your husband he’s appreciated? We do this because we know how easily showing appreciation

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