30 Days of Soul Stirring Prayers for Wives and Moms | Promo Code

If you receive the weekly exclusive edition of my newsletter then you already know that last week was rough mentally and spiritually. I won't talk about it again since many of you already read about it, but I will say that prayer is a powerful thing. It will bring you clarity, answers and resolution if you allow God to work in you. I personally like to pray God's word in a way that makes sense to even a child. I don't get all preachy and use magnificent words. I just speak Gods words back to him in everyday language. This is especially evident in my book  "30 Days of Soul Stirring Prayers for Wives and Moms". USE PROMO CODE "SPRINGWIFE" FOR $9 OFF AT CHECKOUT!! I am heavily reliant on prayer among other spiritual disciplines. It's the only thing that has constantly helped me focus on Gods plan for my life because when I talk and listen to Him, he knows just what I need. In this book you'll find the very same prayers that I have prayed fervently for the last decade or so... and … [Continue reading...]