10 Tips on How to Have a Clean Kitchen and Dining Room

We try not to leave dirty dishes in the sinks over night because I don't want to create an environment for creepy crawly critters. Our goal is to have everything in the kitchen and dining room cleaned up and clutter free before we go to bed. Ending the night with a clean kitchen and dining room makes mornings run much easier in our home. No one likes waking up to prepare their breakfast only to have to wash the dishes need to prepare it before they can get started. Here are 10 tips on how we maintain a clean kitchen and dining room. 1. I rarely hand wash dishes anymore but when I did I'd do them as much as three times a day. Nowadays, my husband and kids help out a lot in the kitchen and we pack our ultra quiet and super fabulous dishwasher through the day as dishes are used. We run the dishwasher 2-3 times a day depending on the time of the year. Of course with the kids out of school during the summers there are more dishes to keep clean. 2. During the Summer, the first time I … [Continue reading...]