Prayer to Trust in God’s Provision


Today’s prayer prompt comes from Psalm 142:5

I cried unto the Lord I said thou are my refuge and my portion in the land of the living.

Here’s are the key points to remember today.

Meditate on it

  • He is my portion.
  • He will provide everything I need.

 A Prayer of Provision


Dear Lord,

Everything I need is in you. Help me remember that when it feels like others are holding onto what I believe is mine.

Thank you Lord for being everything I need today.

I’m Praying For You | A Prayer for Your Peace


I pray for each person reading this to be filled with Your patience today.

Give us a patience that helps us be slow to anger.

Help us to deal compassionately with our spouses and children.

Help us keep our focus on You and not on temporal things that try to steal our joy.

Let us be a mighty witness for You today.

In Jesus’ name Amen

Prayer for 8/24: Empty for God

Dear Lord,

Our cabinets are full of food. Our closets are full of clothes. Our schedules are full with to- do’s. Our minds full of thoughts. Our hearts are full of love for our husbands and children.

But our souls are empty Lord. We have emptied our souls of everything that is not like You and refuse to let it be filled by anyone but You.

Only You are the lover of our souls.

Only You are the source of our peace.

Lord help us to be empty vessels desiring to be filled with only the things that time in your presence can bring.

Do you have a prayer need today? There is a members only prayer forum within the A Proverbs Wife community and it’s full of people willing to pray for you. Click on the forum tab located at the top of the page on the navigation bar to get started.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Thank you Lord for this day and everything that will come our way. Give us the patience, faith and strength to receive the days blessings and the days challenges.

Give us grateful hearts like Job, hearts that will thank You whatever the situation. Let us bs like Paul who had learned to be content no matter the circumstance.

Teach us to trust You and increase our faith in You today.

Heavenly Father, we thank You in advance for needs met. We thank You for opening Your hand and pouring out Your blessings in our lives today.

We rejoice at the sound of your great name.

In Jesus’ name we pray.

T.G.I.F. | Today God Is First

Lord give us Your heart and Your priorities today.

Help us take our focus off of everything that is designed to distract us from You. Today we cast our cares on You.

We accept the promise that You are concerned for us and that You will never leave us. We are laying aside every weight that desires to burden us down with worry.

We are not looking down or back this morning. We are looking up to find You Father.  — AMEN ><>

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Prayer to become a Proverbs 31 Woman

I so strongly desire to be a Proverbs 31 woman.

Who can read that and not have the urge to be like her?

She lacks nothing, is diligent, speaks the truth and carries herself in such a way that God has designed. In today’s society we focus so much on the outward and gaining more material wise and forget about having noble character.

Lord, take me back to this time. Make me new.I want to be a woman who seeks YOU.

I want the right guy to come into my life and to know that when he pursues me that it is because I fall under the criteria of a Proverbs 31 woman. I want to be so lost in You that he has to win me over. Guard my heart, Lord. Do not let me be quick to desire a man but to be patient and make him work for my love.

Help me to speak words that are from you and show of your great love.

I want to fear you, God.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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