Living a Focused Life

(Source: Printable Planner Page) I read my Bible just about every day of the week and ask for His direction each morning. Before getting out of bed, I thank and praise Him for His goodness. I do it because I need a relationship with Him to live the life He has for me. I do it because I've seen who I am without Him, but even with this I am cautious. I'm cautious not to let this daily ritual become just something I do out of habit. I don't want to get so caught up in the habits of my walk with Christ that I miss the relationship. Do you know that people can read the Bible daily, say a daily prayer, go to church every Sunday and still miss God? I don't want to miss God by becoming a believer who does things habitually. I want my relationship with Father God to be fresh everyday. Every time I talk to Him I want it to be new and unrehearsed. Every time I hear his voice whisper my name I want my heart to swell with excitement and a joyful desire to respond to His call. In want to … [Continue reading...]