9 God Honoring New Year’s Resolutions

    While the world begins making New Year’s resolutions that will make them better, wealthier, happier or healthier according to their own works, I’d like to suggest 9 God Honoring New Year’s Resolutions that can give you those things and more. Not only can you have health, wealth and prosperity, you can have an […]

FREE Printable November Bible Reading Plan |1 Verse a Day

Tomorrow’s a new month and what better time to commit to reading your Bible daily? No matter what season of life you are in you should be able to read at least one Bible verse a day. If you are too busy to read your Bible, you are far busier than God ever intended (Tweet […]

29 Things That Should Be Mastered Before Considering Working Outside of the Home

(Print your copy here) After watching the video of my Homemaking Binder, many of you contacted me asking me to share several resources from my homemaking binder. I’ve already shared 17 Free Resources for your Homemaking Binder and will continue to type up and add more to the blog this year. Today I’m sharing a […]