How to turn your gifts into green & make an income with your talents Proverbs 31:24

Gifts to Green 10 Day Masterclass

Going into the new year there is no reason why we, as believers should be living paycheck to paycheck with no clear solution of how to live in the overflow.

We serve a God who has more than enough. The cattle on a thousand hills and the hills belong to Him, therefore what He has we have access to.

Why is it though that so many of us live in lack? I sat us, because I’ve been there. In debt. To much month and not enough money. Carrying the weight of a two income lifestyle on one income, while striving to make sure I could be home full time with the kids.

We struggled a bit, until I realized I had some unique gifts and talents God was waiting to use.

Guess what? You do too! God doesn’t need a job position to generate revenue for our families. He is more than able to create a revenue using your gifts.

Do you believe that? Then watch this video to see how I’ll be helping a group of women identify thier gifts and monetize them in 2018!

“Gifts to Green Mastermind” VIP list

Join this VIP list for A 10-Day Mastermind designed to help you figure out how to make a living using your gifts and talents. You will learn how to identify your gifts and talents and learn ways to monetize them in 2018.

This 10 days mastermind will teach you how to generate revenue from home, in your community and/or online using your natural talents.

To be part of the early bird pricing for this mastermind you’ll need 4 – $20’s, 1 – $10’s, 1 – $5 and 2 – $1’s. That’s $97. The early bird registration opens Dec. 18th-22nd.

The price goes up to $147 on Dec. 23rd (payment plans will be available)

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Successfully Submitted

Successfully Submitted

Hey Queens! The struggle is real in the area of being successfully submitted, but it doesn’t have to be.

For me the struggle was is in part because of the enemies foothold I had allowed in my life.

He had me thinking submission in marriage is a loss, but it was really one of the biggest wins for my marriage when it was done right.

So today is the day Queens! Registration for my, Successfully Submitted class is open! It’s going to be an hour and a half of real talk about submitting to God and submitting to husbands.

Click the following link to register —–> Successfully Submitted

Successfully Submitted is open to 150 ladies only.

The first 25 spots are $12.99! After those fill up, the price will be $19.99.

In my Successfully Submitted class you’ll learn how to let go of your husbands God given position so you can flourish in yours!

During this LIVE video class we’ll go over:

1- How to submit without losing your identity.

2- Techniques to Biblically and not blindly submit.

3- Practical examples of what submission looks like in day to day life.

To grab your seat before space fills up click the link below.

Register for Successfully Submitted

I will be praying for each and every one of you by name your orders come in so make sure the name you use at checkout is accurate. Once you checkout, you’ll get a “thank you email”. A week before class, you’ll get an email with instructions on how to join the class.

See you in class Queens!

What to do when God won’t make you stop yelling at your family

What to do when God won't make you stop yelling at your familyYelling as a communication style is a very real thing. The thing about yelling is that as Christ followers we don’t typically go around broadcasting to people that we lose it with our families.

That behavior is kept under wraps. We put on our best voices in public, but become totally different people at home. That should not be so. Yelling as a form of communication was one of the biggest battles I ever had to fight. I broke the curse off of my life and will help you do the same.

If y’all are like me, you’ve prayed and maybe even fasted trying to rid your self of this terrible habit but are perplexed as to why it won’t stop. I know the struggle because I’ve been where you are. I’ve said hurtful words to not just my husband, but my kids too. It got to the point where I was ridden with guilt and refused to go on being a wife and mom who yelled. I took some drastic but practical steps which I’ll be sharing with y’all this month here on my blog, my Facebook page and You Tube channel. Here’s one of the videos that will encourage and empower you in your fight.

Watch today’s video to learn what to do when God won’t make you stop yelling at your family.

Her Pleasant Words
stop yelling at your family


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How to Manage Your Time and Organize Daily Activities

How to Manage Your Time and Organize Daily Activities is written to give you ideas on how to take control of your time and make your schedule do what you tell it to do.

How to Manage Your Time and Organize Daily Activities

There are only so many hours in a day and as women, wives and moms, we have to figure out to best delegate that time effectively. Everything in life is pulling at our time. Between jobs, family, personal care and the needs of others we can end up feeling like we don’t have enough time.

I realized long ago that obligation can become sort of a slave master if I allow it. There is no end to the amount of things that need to be done that why it is your job to give task a stoping point. It’s your job to set up boundaries identifying when a certain activity has gotten as much of your time as you can give at the moment.

To keep my time in check I regularly conduct a time audit. The audit is to help me identify what I’m giving my time to.

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Guide to Creating Your Balanced Daily Plan

My Guide to Creating Your Balanced Daily Plan is part of a 3-part series to help you organize your day. I will teach you how to create a plan of devoting your time to the things that make you a happier women. The tips will help you being the process of mapping out days that will cultivate peace and joy in your life.Guide to Creating Your Balanced Daily Plan

Finding a specific strategy for balancing your time each day is super essential to every Proverbs 31 woman. We are easily helpers and can get caught up in doing things all day to help and wind up burned out.

Our innate nature to help is a wonderful gift from God but do you know that the enemy wants to pervert those gifts? If we are overwhelmed, upset, short tempered and not productive, we aren’t using our gift for the Lord. In fact, we’ve allowed the enemy to have a stronghold over our time, talents and possible our mind.

For a while now I’ve written about regaining peace in our lives because a lack of peace is a sign of fear. We are not designed to operate in fear, panic, anger, frustration and joylessness. In fact, the very opposite it true. Our days are (or at least should be) ordered by the Lord and if so, we should feel balanced and edited about it.

So how do we create a balanced daily strategy for our time and talents?

I’ve been writing and sharing my schedules with you since 2008, so you’ve see me go from managing my home with toddlers, to managing my home and homeschooling to managing my home, homeschooling and running a business, to managing my home and business.

Throughout these phases I’ve had to restructure my day to fit my current lifestyle. When it comes to creating a balanced daily strategy you must be flexible.

Early on I hated change. I love consistency and found myself irritated if things didn’t “go as planned”. I had to learn that my plans are subject to failure because life changes and from day to day it changes at a rapid pace. Being flexible with change is key to remaining balance. In fact, expecting things to change helps you better prepare for the possibility.

Proverbs Wife Tip #1 – Be Flexible

The next thing you need is to audit your life and see how you’re spending your days. Write down everything you do in a day for a week and evaluate if those things bring you joy and get you closer to the ultimate vision God has for your life.

Begin asking yourself these questions as you look over your list.

1. Is what you’re doing getting you closer to your family mission statement?

2. Is what you’re doing getting your closer to your financial goals?

3. Is what your doing getting you closer to the kind of relationships you want to have?

4. Is what you’re doing getting you closer to the home environment you desire?

Auditing how we spend our days and what we apply our efforts to is a Biblical principle found in Psalms 90:12 and Psalm 37:23. It is our duty to evaluate what we are doing with these lives God has given us and use them in a way that brings Him glory. When we do that it moves us closer to creating an internal peace and balance that can’t be disrupted by external situations.

Proverbs Wife Tip #2 – Audit Your Life

Now that you have an idea of how you spend your time I want to you to think about what activities are essential and most important to your growth in the following areas. Take each of your tasks and group the under on of the follow headings.

1.  Spirit

2. Body

3. Mind

4. Home

5. Family

6. Business/Work

Once you have everything written down it’s time to audit again. The goal this time is to eliminate busy work and things that don’t make you a better you.

So here what my list looks like.

Spirit: Bible reading, devotions, prayers

Body: meals, exercise, beauty/appearance, hygiene, water intake

Family: husband, kids

Home: meals, home maintenance, home improvement projects,

Mind: spanish lessons, reading, podcasts, blogging, vlogging

Business: blogging, vlogging, emails, pitching, social media content, traffic growth, content syndication, product development, newsletter, engagement/comments, accounting

Now that you have a better view of how you spend your time each day you’ll want to begin managing it better.


I will create another post in this series next Monday called  How to Manage Your Time & Organize Daily Activities where teach you how to managing the activities of your day on paper. Make sure you’re subscribed to my email newsletter and you’ll get the next post in this series delivered to you.


What is your biggest struggle with managing your time?



If you would like to receive prayer, please leave a comment below and we will pray over it. Also, please share your experiences or comments because we are all women of prayer and can encourage one another.

Craving Balance: 6 Practical Solutions for Women Balancing it All

Craving Balance: 6 Practical Solutions for Women Balancing it All is designed to help you create a plan of devoting your time to the things that make you a happier women. The tips will help you begin the process of mapping out days that will cultivate peace and joy in your life.

Craving Balance: 6 Practical Solutions for Women Balancing it All

Do you crave balance? I certainly do. I love having a sense of order to my days. I love knowing how much work time versus free time I’ll have. I love knowing that I’ve made time to meet my spiritual, mental, physical and emotional needs each day.

Being a wife, mom and entrepreneur has never deterred me from making  balance a priority. In fact, having the responsiblity of so many important things is what inspires me to fight for balance.

Is it sometimes a struggle? Absolutely, but it’s worth the peace of mind that comes from having a sense of order to my days.

So what does cultivating a balanced life look like in practical terms?

I’m going to walk you through how I cultivate balance in practical terms.

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4 Ways to Discuss a Hot Topic Without Arguing

4 Ways to Discuss a Hot Topic Without ArguingThere is no magic pill we can take to ensure everything goes right in our day. In fact, things will probably go wrong just because we want them to go right. We can’t control every part of our day, but what we can control is us.

We get to decide how we respond to every situation that comes our way and God has equipped us with everything we need to handle those situations.

Just this morning I struggled with telling my husband something I wanted to do. I knew he wouldn’t agree with it so I avoided bringing it up. I didn’t want him to be frustrated and I didn’t want to become frustrated, but it was time to get it out in the open.

Before brining up the conversation I knew had the potential of escalating I declared a few things.

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