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Becoming Perfected Women Versus Perfect Women

Becoming Perfected Women Versus Perfect Women

Today I want to share a few truths that you must grab hold of if you are going to walk in the authenticity of what God’s words says about you as a wife and mother.

Several women have talked to me about the guilt they feel about the shortcoming as a wife or mom and the common strand amongst each conversation has been to justify their weaknesses by saying, “I’m not perfect”.

Now, there is nothing wrong with not being perfect, but what there is something wrong with is the guilt we tend to carry around for not being perfect.

Becoming the Perfected Women Versus the Perfect WomenWe carry around this guilt as if God expects us to be perfect and He doesn’t.

There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.

For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh:                                                                 Romans 8:1-3 KJV

So why do we feel guilty? Why does admitting we are not perfect make us feel sad, defeated and ashamed?

It’s because we are not walking in the truth of God’s word.

Again, I say….GOD DOES NOT EXPECT US TO BE PERFECT. Point blank and the period!

It’s not His standard. WE WILL NEVER BE PERFECT and that’s okay.

God’s goal is for us to be perfected. Being PERFECT is a finished work. Being PERFECTED is an ongoing work.

As long as we are on this earth and living in these earthly bodies, God will be working on us.

So if you are feeling guilty because even after your best scheduling efforts you are not able to keep your home spic and span, make three meals a day from scratch and be the perfect homemaker…

Stop it!! Just stop!!

God is not calling us to be perfect homemakers. His goal is not perfect homes. Its perfect hearts. He is working on our character. The job of managing a home and family is a tool He uses to help cultivate better character!!

Why does God give us kids and husbands who even after our best efforts to teach them to clean up after themselves fall short?

It’s to teach us grace and patience.

It’s not about the messes in our homes. It’s about the messes in our hearts!

So today when you feel like you are the worst wife or mother and that you’ll never be that perfect women, I want you to kick the devil in the teeth and say, “That’s right!! I’m not PERFECT and I never will be but I know my GOD is PERFECTING me!


If you are struggling in the area of feeling life a failure as a wife or mom let us know in the comments. There are 1,000’s of women in this community who have been where you are and want to come along side you, pray with you and lend a listening ear.

How to Stop Being an Angry Parent

How to Stop Being an Angry Parent

If you’re a mom of school age kids and you don’t homeschool you are either dreading the last day of school, looking forward to it, or are somewhere in between.

The thought of having your kids home with you for most of the day during the Summer may be intimidating if you are working on controlling your tongue.

Some of you are hopeful about the last day of school, have already accessed your instant download and plan to use the Summer to work through my ebook Remove from Me this Venomous Tongue — How to Stop Destroying Your Family with your Words.

I want this Summer to be a joy filled time for every mother reading this post today. I want your children’s days to be filled with joyful memories not days spent walking around on eggshells hoping mom doesn’t lose it.

When the Summer ends and your kids return to school I want them to be sure of two things:

1. God loves them.

2. Mom loves them.

You may be wondering how you are supposed to do this when you can barely make it from 3:00 when school let’s out until their bedtime without yelling.

Well I’m not going to provide you a simple and dismissive answer because there isn’t one.

The only way you are going to create joy filled days where you patiently mother your children is going to be by the grace of God, a willing and obedient spirit and complete surrender.

You are going to have to lay the women you are today on the altar as a living sacrifice and let the Holy Spirit guide every single solitary moment of your day.

You will have to surrender it all.

Your thoughts, will, actions, words and emotions to Him.

God and His word must become the filter through which you process everything you do.

If you are often frustrated, stressed, overwhelmed and at your wits end with your family that is a clear indication that God is not in control over that area of your life.

God is not the author of chaos and confusion, He is the author of peace.

I want you to win!!

If it wasn’t true I wouldn’t have wrote such a transparent ebook about my struggle with anger. I’m on your side and I’m advocating for you and your children.

I’m petitioning God for this to be the Summer where everything changes for your family. I don’t want you to live like you’ve been living anymore. I’ve been there and it’s like hell on earth.

I want you to be free from the bondage of defeat.

I want to help you get there. I am here to pray with you. If you leave a comment below with just your name, I’ll pray for you.

Do you want this Summer to be different?

Let’s do this.

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Lord you know our needs before we even ask. That’s how amazing You are.

I am so glad that you are a God who is not afar off but You are able to relate to our infirmities.

I am so glad that You went to the cross for us and gave us an example of what it means to die to the flesh so that we can live at liberty in the Spirit.

Right now these women who struggle with patiently mothering are not at liberty and if they’ve read this far they so desperately want to be made new.

I petition You Most High God to do a miraculous work in them to where they know that it was nobody but You.

Thanks you so much again Lord for changing me. You’ve made me a better wife and mother. Thank you Father so much for forcing I mean encouraging me to write this book and helping so many.

I am truly humbled and honored to be your daughter.

Staying God Focused While Engaged to Your Future Husband

Staying God Focused While Engaged to Your Future Husband

I’ve been with my fiancé since I was 16 and for a long time my world revolved around him. Whatever he liked I liked, and what he didn’t like, I didn’t like. One of the things he happened to like was going to church so of course I became interested. I’ve been attending church since I was around 8 years old but I wasn’t engaged in it like he was.

After we were together for a few years he expressed to me that he wanted to marry me one day but my relationship with God was important to him. So thus began my forgery of a true relationship with God. Now I thought it was the real thing simply because I would pray and sometimes give an offering. However, my prayers always consisted of things like “God, PLEASE let us be together forever” and “Show me what I need to so that he’ll love me.” There was never an intimacy strictly between me and God. A better example would be how it says in the Bible that Jesus is the link between God and man; well my fiancé was the link for me. All I was focused on was becoming the woman that he wanted me to be, not the woman that God called me to be.

There was one occasion when I was about 20 and I had a close friend tell me not to let my relationship with my fiancé take precedence over my relationship with God. At the time, I brushed it off because I thought I knew what I was doing. I did begin to pray more but it was still in the same context about my fiancé or whatever problems I was facing.

As my fiancé grew deeper in Christ, he would always share with me what God spoke or revealed to him. After a while, I started to get tired of God speaking through him to me; I wanted to hear from God myself. After I began a serious pursuit of God it dawned on me that I didn’t know who or whose I was! I had become so lost in my fiancé that I hadn’t taken the time out to develop me and what I wanted. I could recite my fiancé’s goals and dreams in my sleep but had no clue of what I wanted to do. I knew his purpose in God’s kingdom but not my own (Matthew 22:29).

It wasn’t until one day I was driving home from a meeting at church and I began to just talk to God that everything changed. All of a sudden everything that I wanted just started to pour out and I got to a point where I stopped and said “God, what do you want me to do? What’s in Your heart for me to do?” Immediately He said to me, “Now you’ve got it; now you’re seeking my heart. Pursue me the way you pursued getting married. Don’t worry about your husband, you have that. I have so much more in store for you”. (Jeremiah 29:13)

The point of this whole thing is for you to realize that you are so much more than a girlfriend or fiancé. God has a divine plan for your life and assignments that only you can complete (Jeremiah 29:11; Psalm 138:8). I’m not saying it’s not important to learn how to be a Godly and submissive wife because it’s vital for a successful marriage. However, it’s also vital that you not get so lost in your mate that God can’t reach you. Develop yourself, take time for you, grow into the woman you and God desire you to be. You’re supposed to be your husband’s help meet but you can’t function in that role if you don’t know who you are. Your characteristics are what help to bring out the best in your mate so having confidence in yourself is important. And if your significant other really loves you and wants you to grow, he’ll support you in any way that he can.

Copyright © Shelby Holloway

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Your Husband is Not God

My God

I don’t place the burden of my provision on my husband’s shoulders. Nor do I expect him to meet all of my needs.

I depend on GOD and GOD alone to meet my needs.

This is what has helped me to encourage my husband rather than criticize him when we were faced with hard times.

The only thing I expect my husband to do is follow God.

If God sees fit for us to have an abundance, He will provide it. If He sees fit for us to experience struggles we will endure it.

God is my provider, my strength and my joy. Situations don’t determine my character. I’m going to love my husband through good and bad.

All my trust is in the LORD!

Phillipians 4:19 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.